Sweetwater GAIA SH-01 Exclusive Patches

Sweetwater-exclusive Roland GAIA SH-01 Patch Bank with 64 Patches on a 2GB Thumb Drive with QuickStarts, Tips, and a Demo Video
Sweetwater GAIA SH-01 Exclusive Patches image 1
Sweetwater GAIA SH-01 Exclusive Patches image 1
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Sweetwater GAIA SH-01 Exclusive Patches
In Stock!

Exclusive Patches for your GAIA!

Here at Sweetwater, we're crazy about the Roland GAIA SH-01 synth. So crazy, in fact, we created 64 custom patches for it! For a while, we only offered the patches as a "bonus" for purchasing your GAIA through Sweetwater. But after our YouTube demo hit the Net, word went viral about how great the patches were. So, to meet popular demand, we're now making our patch bank available to all GAIA owners!

No matter where you purchased your GAIA SH-01 synth, you can tap into this exclusive 64-patch sound bank crafted by our in-house Sound Design Team, led by Daniel Fisher. Go on and explore 64 expertly crafted sounds that cover everything from synth essentials to iconic sounds you've heard on your favorite albums. We include the patches on a 2GB high-speed thumb drive and toss in five pages of QuickStarts, tips, and patch lists for the Sweetwater Bank as well as the Factory Bank. You even get a letter explaining how to get 64 more "Fisher Bank" sounds from the Roland website. Just for fun, we've included our hit YouTube video, so you can get your ears on the full sonic potential of these patches.

Here's what's included, in list form:
  • 2GB high-speed thumb drive with our 64 exclusive GAIA patches
  • QuickStarts, Tips, and Patch Lists for our bank and the Factory Bank
  • A letter explaining how to get 64 more "Fisher Bank" sounds from Roland
  • An instruction sheet showing you how to combine the banks to instantly access 192 unique patches (64 Factory, 64 Fisher, 64 Sweetwater Bank)
  • A movie on the thumb drive with a demo of many of the patches
Here are the Sweetwater-exclusive GAIA patches:
  • A1 - Darkside (play Phrase Recording #1)
  • A2 - Baba O' (play Phrase Recording #2)
  • A3 - Fooled Again (play Phrase Recording #3)
  • A4 - Fly Like An
  • A5 - Karn Evil
  • A6 - Lucky Man
  • A7 - Foolin' Yourself
  • A8 - Frankenstein
  • B1 - B3
  • B2 - B3 w/ Perc
  • B3 - 16' + 1'
  • B4 - House Rising Sun
  • B5 - Olde English Pipes
  • B6 - Bright Church
  • B7 - Pipe Org Flute
  • B8 - Pipe Org Coronet
  • C1 - Blues Harmonica
  • C2 - Jazz Guitar
  • C3 - Pedal Steel Guitar
  • C4 - Lead Guitar
  • C5 - Lead Guitar w/ 5th Harmonic
  • C6 - Analog Strings
  • C7 - Brilliant Pad
  • C8 - Talk 2 D Beam
  • D1 - Industrial Startup
  • D2 - Throat Bass
  • D3 - Super Phase
  • D4 - Cold Mountain
  • D5 - Super Soft Saw
  • D6 - Long Opening
  • D7 - Wind & Rez Chimes
  • D8 - Soft Anger
  • E1 - Dream Sequencer
  • E2 - Superior Sync
  • E3 - Fuzzy OSCs
  • E4 - Stomp Bass
  • E5 - Time Machine
  • E6 - Hi Pass Pad
  • E7 - Sinister Bass
  • E8 - Moogy Drops
  • F1 - Don't Stand So
  • F2 - Your Destiny
  • F3 - Polyphonic Osc Sync!
  • F4 - Driving Force
  • F5 - Cacophony
  • F6 - Rhythm Quirks
  • F7 - Bit Crashers
  • F8 - I'm Peaking
  • G1 - Fighter Planes
  • G2 - Alien Song
  • G3 - Power Sync Lead
  • G4-Welcome 2 Machine
  • G5 - Octivity
  • G6 - Majestic Sweep
  • G7 - Pulsing Pulse Waves
  • G8 - Air Burst Arps
  • H1 - Pshew Saw
  • H2 - Holding Theme
  • H3 - Synth Toy
  • H4 - Machine Awakening
  • H5 - Sprinkly Porta Pad
  • H6 - Big Ana Bass
  • H7 - Ripping Bass
  • H8 - Hidden Dirge
Make the most of your Roland GAIA SH-01 with this Sweetwater-exclusive patch bank!

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Daves patches

Completes the factory presets gives a lot of versatility to the instrument easy to use

Well thought out and useable

An excellent addition that makes a great synthesizer even better!

Gaia SH-01 Sweetwater patches

A big thanks to Sweetwater for their interest in product optimization. Daniel Fisher designed a fantastic collection of patches! The patches are mostly drawn from very good and memorable synth parts in rock history. But that's not all. There are also very good patches with modern ideas to inspire. For the price I think the patches are well worth it. Use the patches, reminisce, learn and build on them. I'm learning and analytical so my plan is to look at these more quantitatively with the Roland's Gaia Sound Designer Software. No I don't work for Roland. Thanks Daniel!
Music background: Hobbyist and Hack with some musical training

great product

more than I expected. these patches are fantastic......
Music background: hobbit


These patches are so amazing that after having seen/heard the demo on YouTube, I went right out and bought a Roland Gaia! Daniel Fisher totally hit this one out of the park! No Gaia is complete without these!!!!
Music background: Part-time Musician
See also: Keyboard ROMs, Sweetwater, Sweetwater Keyboard Sound Expansion / ROMs