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Native Instruments Reaktor 5 image 1

Sorry, the Native Instruments Reaktor 5 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Native Instruments Reaktor 5
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The Fusion of Synthesis, Sampling, Effects and Sequencing

Native Instruments REAKTOR 5, the award-winning modular sound studio, is the ultimate tool for sound design and music production. REAKTOR 5 lets musicians and engineers design and build their own instruments, samplers, effects, and sound design tools. REAKTOR 5 is also a world-class studio right out of the box - its library includes dozens of exceptional instruments and effects and the online User Library is growing every day! Internationally known artists and designers have contributed to the extensive library of presets and instruments. A particularly fast and immediate control of the sound guarantees musicians on stage a lively and inspiring performance. The unrivalled sound is made possible by the REAKTOR Core Technology and new, highly advanced algorithms.

REAKTOR 5 is also an extraordinary sonic laboratory, its modular design releasing you from the constraints of more conventional setups. The extensive library of macros and modules combined with REAKTOR's clear, uncomplicated interface turns the construction of sonic tools into an intuitive process. The instruments are now completely "skinable." All of the graphical elements can be fully customized, allowing totally individualized instrument design.

  • Native Instruments REAKTOR 5 at a glance:
  • The fusion of synthesis, sampling, effects, and sequencing
  • New REAKTOR Core Technology elements
  • A vast library of impressive and innovative instruments
  • New synthesizers, grooveboxes, sequencers and effects

The Fusion of Synthesis, Sampling, Effects, and Sequencing
REAKTOR 5 fuses all audio applications into a single, extremely versatile and powerful tool. REAKTOR makes it possible for musicians, producers, and sound designers to invent and realize their own virtual instruments. Select from more than 100 modules and function blocks (macros), such as oscillators, filters, LFOs, samplers, sequencers, and effects, and create your own instruments by "cabling" the various elements together. Existing instruments can be combined and enhanced, or take out parts of them to use in building other instruments. The control surface can also be custom-designed - from the size and layout of the knobs and displays to the integration of images and graphics.

REAKTOR Core Technology
The fifth generation of this award-winning modular studio offers completely new dimensions in designing and producing custom instruments. REAKTOR Core Technology delves deeper into modular construction than ever before. Develop your own individual modules; build unique filters and oscillators, and fully personalize your library. REAKTOR Core Technology benefits everyone. It's a visual audio development environment with integrated run-time compiler technology, allowing the creation of individual, high-performance low-level content.

REAKTOR Core Technology has been several years in the making and ushers in the largest technological advance that REAKTOR has seen since it was first released 9 years ago. This new technology opens new dimensions in sound and flexibility. In previous versions of REAKTOR it was possible to create new instruments by combining predefined modules such as oscillators, filters and envelopes etc. REAKTOR 5 goes one step further: The REAKTOR Core Technology allows the construction of user defined modules. This new layer of functionality affords users control over the lowest level of signal processing within REAKTOR.

Users are now completely free to design their own filters, oscillators, shapers, delays and EQ's or completely new types of modules, thus greatly extending REAKTOR 5's sonic potential.

There are already more than 40 new modules or "core cells" included that can all immediately be used to construct new instruments. The library of core cells is, of course, continually growing and the new additions will be included in the updates that registered users can download for free.

The REAKTOR Core Technology integrates seamlessly into the existing REAKTOR structure. Alongside the familiar elements, such as instruments, macros, and modules, REAKTOR 5 also has core cells that look slightly different to the normal modules but are integrated into the structure in a similar fashion. These core cells contain the essence of the new core structure in the form of core macros and core modules - the smallest definable elements.

In contrast to a conventional programming language, REAKTOR 5 offers a visual design environment in which it is considerably easier to construct new instruments. Simultaneously, the integrated run-time compiler allows changes in the core structure to be auditioned instantly - an advantage that normal programming languages don't offer.

To get you off to a flying start with the new technology, there is a separate REAKTOR Core Manual explaining all the intricacies of this new level in REAKTOR. There are a lot of examples and detailed explanations as well as step-by-step tutorials covering all the key features.

The advantages of REAKTOR 5's technological leap aren't limited solely to instrument designers; all users, including beginners with little or no experience, stand to benefit from the Core Technology. Musicians, producers, and sound designers profit from a wealth of new instruments and the new, unique sonic expressions and exceptional sound quality they offer.

If you have no desire to design instruments yourself, REAKTOR 5 presents an unrivalled sound studio filled with ready-to-use sound generators and effects for all manner of musical styles and tasks.

Use the instruments already included in stand-alone mode or as plug-ins within your sequencer. There is a near limitless world of innovative sounds, grooves, and effects at your disposal. And should you choose to delve deeper, REAKTOR affords you complete freedom.

A Vast Library of Ingenious Instruments
REAKTOR 5 is equipped with a vast library of impressive and innovative instruments. Powerful samplers allow far reaching granular resynthesis and the innovative effects pave the way for profound sound manipulation. The stunning array of synthesizers delivers everything from rumbling basses to searing leads and beyond. The selection of sequenced instruments lend themselves particularly well to live performance thanks to their ability to create dynamic rhythms, melodies, chord sequences, and more. From authentic emulations of classic gear to bizarre, otherworldly creations; from the conventional to the controversial - REAKTOR delivers.

REAKTOR 5 includes a new library that provides 23 exceptional ready-to-use sonic tools such as synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, and effects. No need to dive into the structure of these fascinating instruments - the sonic tools can be used right out the box and are equally suited to all manner of audio applications: music production, sound design and live music. Many of the new or reworked ensembles (combination of several instruments) make extensive use of the new REAKTOR Core Technology for an even better sound quality.

The new Ensemble Library is divided into seven categories:

  • Synthesizers: subtractive synth, acoustic modelling synth, wavetable retro sound generator, subharmonic synth
  • Grooveboxes: two virtual-analog drum synths, two sample-based drum and performance machines
  • Sound Generators: two unique soundscape generators
  • Sample Transformer: Loop remixers and re-arrangers, granular sample transformer
  • Sample Player: Loop slicer and drum sampler
  • Sequencers: four sequencers for various applications
  • Effects: compressor, reverb, sequenced hybrid effect

In addition to the new library, REAKTOR 5 includes the 31 tools of the REAKTOR 4 ensemble collection...

But that's only the beginning: The fully modular structure of REAKTOR allows you to modify and combine existing instruments, or build completely new instruments from scratch. In addition to the above mentioned and ready-to-use Ensemble Library, REAKTOR 5 includes libraries with hundreds of "building blocks" such as complete instruments, Macros, Modules, plus a new Core Cell Library with dozens of new oscillatores, filters, EQs, and much more.

REAKTOR 5 Synthesizers:

  • CARBON 2 - powerful synthesis workstation: Carbon2 is based on Reaktor 4's well-known workhorse synthesizer, but it has been completely rebuilt. In particular the oscillators and filters are now based on Reaktor Core components developed particularly for this instrument, and the panel has been optimized for usability. Basically, Carbon2 is a classic subtractive synthesizer.

  • Oki Computer 2 - Retro Sound Generator: Oki Computer 2 is a compact wavetable synthesizer, a specialist in digital lo-fi sounds that hails back to the era of 8-bit beeps and bleeps… It is also capable of creating buzzing leads, rhythmic sequences, and odd tasty bass tones. Oki Computer 2's panel is compact but packed with features. Thankfully, most sections are fairly straightforward to the average synth user. Oki Computer 2 features a bank of 50 waves. For every patch you can load any 16 of these waves into the oscillator in any order. This flexibility represents a major improvement over the original ensemble (where the oscillator was permanently "hardwired" to the same 16 waves). What's more, each wave loaded into the oscillator can be processed in a variety of ways.
  • STEAMPIPE 2 - Acoustic Modelling Synthesizer: SteamPipe 2 is an acoustic modeling synthesizer that effectively models air being blown through a tunable pipe. It uses a tuned resonator to create bowed, blown, and plucked sounds, as well as strange new hybrid sounds. In addition to a tuned all-pass filter and many controls for the "shape" of the pipe, there is a mod wheel-controlled filter to achieve damping and breath noise effects. The new version uses new Core Cells for an even more powerful sound.
  • SUBHARMONIC: SubHarmonic generates pad-like, atmospheric sounds and - at the same time - thick, monophonic lead patches. It consists of two independent sound generators: The Sub Oscillator is based on additive synthesis, and the Formant section performs like an oscillator with a constant frequency vowel filter. Internally, those oscillators are quite complex. However, those technical details remain hidden below the simple user interface.
  • REAKTOR 5 Grooveboxes:
  • AEROBIC- Virtual-Analog Drum Machine: Aerobic is a step sequencer that controls a virtual analogue drum synthesizer. The instrument produces tight, innovative sounds far beyond the range of traditional drum computers. This, combined with the sequencer's capacities and the mixer's flexible routing options, makes Aerobic a versatile beat production environment that can be used in live performances or in the studio.
  • MASSIVE - Advanced Drum Computer: This drum computer is "massive" in at least two ways. First, it contains a vast range of signal-shaping capabilities: samples in the six drum tracks don't determine the instrument's sound (like in a standard drum machine), but only provide the material from which the beats can be sculpted. Envelopes, filters, and a potent grain re-synthesis algorithm mangle the fundamental sound until it's completely different, but still musical. Second, these versatile sound editing features are combined with an advanced step sequencer system offering copy and (looped) paste functionality, three modulation tracks, and much much more.
  • NEWSCOOL - Innovative Groove Generator: Newscool is a REAKTOR classic - now it's completely rebuilt, with an innovative sequencer (at the top) and the characteristic sound engine (at the bottom). The engine consists of a tone generator and a multi-effect unit. The signal is produced by eight parallel oscillator units whose parameters are modulated extensively. The effect unit parameters - providing pitch shifting, delay, and filter - are similarly modulated. The sequencer is based on the Life model developed by John Conway in the 1970s. A 2-dimensional pattern is processed in steps: An element of the pattern becomes alive in the following step if three of its eight neighbors are alive in this step...
  • SINEBEATS 2 - Virtual-Analog Beatbox: The Reaktor library classic Sinebeats has undergone an overhaul for Reaktor 5. Sinebeats is a beatbox based on three sine oscillators and a noise generator. Its synthetic nature in combination with the flexible effects section has made Sinebeats a classic for electronic sequence production. Each of the four instruments features a sequencer and individual sound parameters including distortion and filter. Two flexible filters and two delays which are fed via a send/return feature in the mixer add even more motion to the generated beats. In its new incarnation, Sinebeats got loads of new features.

REAKTOR 5 Sequencers:
The four new REAKTOR sequencers are constructed using the new Multi Displays and Mouse Area Modules, resulting in very convenient sequencers that are straightforward to use. These sequencers are designed to control your desired REAKTOR synths and drum machines. Wire it up!

  • SQP - Classic Matrix Sequencer: The SQP is a piano roll-style (matrix) sequencer covering a very wide MIDI note-range. You can enter notes via the mouse or record incoming MIDI notes. If you want to input longer events with the mouse, just click and drag the start or end of an existing note. Move events by clicking and dragging them around. When [Select] is on you can move selected events as a group. Its built-in song sequencer makes it possible to switch from pattern to pattern. Combine this instrument with your favourite REAKTOR synth and you're ready to go!

  • SQ16: The SQ16 sequencer delivers classic step-sequencing in a very useable package. It features 16 notes tracks with velocity control plus additional modulation tracks, a song mode, and the ability to record incoming MIDI notes.
  • SQ 8x8: The SQ 8x8 is a small step-sequencer with a twist. You put events in a grid and drag a rectangle around a group of them by right-clicking and dragging (ctrl-click when you're on a Mac). This rectangle defines the sequencer's loop area, controlling what gets played line-wise. You can change this area in realtime. Think of it as a 2-dimensional loop-bar. Some nice realtime step-shifting and shuffle features are also part of the package.
  • SQ8: The is your standard building block for rhythmic step-sequencing. It sports a clean interface: four patterns with eight tracks (consisting of 64 steps each). You also get variable looping, shuffle, reverse play, and multiple viewing options. On top of that, you can chain 16 patterns together into a song.

REAKTOR 5 Effects:

  • FATBLASTER 2 - Final-Stage Mastering Tool: The great final-stage mastering tool FatBlaster 2 has been rebuilt using the new Reaktor Core features. This patch combines four frequency-specific compressors with a full-spectrum peak-limiter to produce a high-end package for your multiband dynamics shaping needs. As it does not introduce any delay it's not limited to mastering use but can also be applied on a per channel basis. The separately compressed bands get mixed together and then processed by a full-band peak limiter.

  • SPACE MASTER 2 - High-Quality Reverb: The well-known Space Master series of reverb modellers has been updated for Reaktor 5. Based on several diffusion delays, Space Master 2 can produce a wide array of high-quality natural or experimental ambiences. The patch's efficient set of reverb parameters include an early reflections section, a late reflections module, and a post EQ. Dials for main reverb time, control of balance between the two reflection stages, and between dry and wet signal round off the controls.
  • LURKER - Hybrid Effect Machine: Lurker is a hybrid effect capable of classic phaser sounds, spring reverbs and feedback echoes - but most of all it transforms any incoming signal into stunning rhythmic sequences, mangling pitches and re-arranging the sound. This is technically possible because all those effects are based on a delay unit (and this instrument is an extremely versatile one).Four internal sequencer tracks are the most prominent feature. They allow for fast, visual creation of musical patterns that you can use to modulate parameters such as delay times of the two independent delay units.
Native Instruments REAKTOR 5 Features:
  • Completely modular, real-time sound synthesis, sampling, and effects software
  • Huge collection of unique instruments and sounds
  • Preset morphing and preset randomization
  • Pre-designed building blocks for easy construction of individual instruments and effects
  • The latest, high-end algorithms deliver pristine, top-quality sound
  • REAKTOR Core Technology allowing low level, custom module design
  • New modules including anti-aliased oscillators, over-sampled structures, and high-quality interpolation delays
  • New Interface and "skinability" of all instrument control elements
  • Multi-breakpoint envelopes with slope control, tempo grid, and looping
  • Live sampling and effect modules with auto-normalization and tempo-synchronous beat juggling
Due to the open engine architecture of REACKTOR 5, the potential for building your own highly individual instruments is endless. Whether you're using the instruments from the library or creating your own, the only limit is your imagination.

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