TC Electronic RH450 450-Watt Compact Bass Head

450-watt Bass Amplifier Head with User-assignable EQ Settings, Tube Emulation, Rehearsal Inputs, Tuner, and Built-in Compressor
TC Electronic RH450 450-Watt Compact Bass Head image 1
TC Electronic RH450 450-Watt Compact Bass Head image 1
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TC Electronic RH450 450-Watt Compact Bass Head
Special Order

Big Bass Wattage from an Ultra-portable Head!

The TC Electronic RH450 bass amplifier head gives you more than just a powerful, great-sounding head. One look at this ultra-compact, easy-to-use head and you won't believe that the RH450 puts out an astounding 450 watts - and that's just the beginning! You get analog and digital direct outs, programmable EQ, selectable user memories, tube-emulation circuitry, and an integrated compressor. A rehearsal input for music players, a headphone jack, and a tuner are also built into the small-but-mighty RH450!

TC Electronic RH450 450-watt Bass Amplifier Head at a Glance:
  • Powerful and portable
  • Rehearsal inputs and integrated tuner
  • User memories and direct outputs
  • Straightforward but incredibly versatile tone controls
  • TubeTone and Spectra Comp
Powerful and portable

The 450-watt high-power output level of RH450 is accomplished by using Class D amplifier technology in combination with TC Electronic's Active Power Management (APM). APM effectively means that the amp behaves very much like a tube amp when getting close to maximum performance by optimizing the power impact. This is contrary to the hard-clipping tendencies of transistor amps and most other Class D amps. And this head is incredibly portable, too!

Rehearsal inputs and integrated tuner

Playing any instrument on its own can be a little dull, but everyone needs time to practice, which is why RH450 has rehearsal inputs. This rear panel-mounted feature allows you to plug in your iPod, phone, computer, or MP3 player via the supplied mini jack to RCA cable adapter for easy practicing and playing along with recorded music. The headphone amp is a high-quality model taken straight from TC Electronic's Studio Konnekt 48 and includes a speaker filter on the bass signal. The onboard tuner is amazingly convenient. Simply push the mute button to get a full-resolution tuner light ring to help you tune your instrument quickly and accurately. You can also use the RebelControl for easy remote access to this functionality.

User memories and direct outputs

You might not use presets, but only because you've never had the chance! Anyone who's used different basses onstage knows that a few user memories on your amp would be welcome. With RH450, you can easily switch between, for example, your 4- and 5-string basses or your Rickenbacker and Fender Jazz. Just plug in the bass, and use the car radio-style store and recall controls to easily switch between presets for your chosen model. There are three bass user memories, remote control access, and visual indicators for mute and the tuner. A transformer-balanced line-out gives you stellar live-sound DI and direct-recording performance - even with long cable runs! Speaking of direct recording, a built-in AES/EBU connector lets you plug straight into your DAW.

Straightforward but incredibly versatile tone controls

The RH450 features straightforward controls much like those you'd find on traditional amp, voiced to give you plenty of tweaking options to nail the perfect tone. Chances are, this is all you're ever going to need. However, if you're not fully satisfied with the default frequency areas, fear not - TC Electronic has given you the option to change the focus of each of the tone controls. This functionality allows you to pinpoint a frequency you either want to remove or boost for each tone control, and then store the settings.

TubeTone and Spectra Comp

Most transistor designs have tried to replicate the tube sound using one small preamp tube, but they generally fail because they don't take into account the crucial characteristics of the full preamp and power amp sections - both of which are essential to the sound. TubeTone emulates all characteristics to deliver the full tube sound. Likewise, integrated compressors generally don't sound that good. A regular compressor tends to be dominated by the lower string, but RH450's SpectraComp technology allows virtually per string multiband compression that evens out the compression across all strings.

TC Electronic RH450 450-watt Bass Amplifier Head Features:
  • 1/4" jack input connector
  • Tube emulation circuitry
  • 3-band spectral compression
  • 3 memory locations storing all front panel controls, except mute and master level
  • Master level headphone output
  • Studio-quality headphone amp
  • Combined speakON/1/4" jack speaker out
  • Power rating of 450 watts (800-watt peak)
  • Transformer-balanced XLR, pre/post-amp balanced output
  • Rehearsal input works with iPod and other music players
  • Sandblasted die-cast aluminum finish
The TC Electronic RH450 packs an astounding amount of power and features into a very compact bass head!

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RH450 Compact Bass Head User Manual

Tech Specs

Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 450W
Compression Yes
EQ 4-band
Inputs 1 x Instrument; 2 x RCA (CD)
Outputs 1 x Speaker, 1 x Digital, 1 x Line
Effects Loop Yes
Height 2.6"
Width 11.4"
Depth 10.8"
Weight 8.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 990000011

Customer Reviews

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Love It

This is a really great sounding amp with a ton of features. Clean and powerful and I love the size and weight. Tuner is great and the I/O's are awesome. Love the practice mode with the headphones.
Music background: Old school bass player

Soo many features

I've own this amp for 3 months now, and if you just plug it in it sounds good. BUT, that isn't why I bought this amp. What really sets this unit apart is the fact that it is greater than the sum of its parts. It has a tube-tone effect, compression, a tuner and an excellent EQ. All of these extra functions work great, and everything is digital with 3 available presets so you can save your custom setups. This just saved me $$$ on an EQ, compression pedal, and a fuzz pedal.
Music background: Gigging Band

Wonderful amp!

What a sweet sounding amp! I run it through the TC RS410 and RS212 cabs. Has a very warm, organic, tight, and defined tone. I play a P-bass and you can hear the wood. People get worked up about the "real" power rating but they don't understand that TC uses a completely different power management system than other solid state amps. Think tube amp power. Bass players have been shaking stadium stages with 300w Ampegs for decades. Same idea and, actually, very similar tone except that the RH450 is more defined in the lower notes. This amp will blow other 500w solid state amps completely away. Great tone and power to spare. If you're looking for a harsh, metallic, Billy Sheehan-ish tone, this isn't the amp for you. If you like a round natural, tone - this amp is you.
Music background: working musician

Awesome Sound!

Unbelievable sound - just watch the videos on YouTube. I agree with Steve Bailey and can't believe how loud this sounds for the rating (bass player for Public Enemy was gonna use two RH450 heads running 2 RS212 cabs each, but it was too loud and opted for 1 RH450 running 3 RS212 cabs). You can run 3 tc electronic 8 ohm RS cabs with this head (for a total impedance of 2.6667 ohms) or two 8 ohm cabs from another manufacturer (total impedance of 4 ohms). I am currently using it with a RS 212 (which is amazing as well and it has plenty of bottom and overall volume). There is a review out on the internet somewhere that stated that the overall volume was around 230 watts but that it felt like a 450 watt amp, thus the 450 watt rating. I usually can't turn it past 9 or 10 o'clock when I'm at home (and that's just using the RS212, let alone with the RS410 also). I love the preset option and use the optional footcontroller with it as well. I use the headphones with the RCA inputs in the back of the amp to play along with my iPhone or laptop. The TubeTone is great as well especially since you can save the level as part of a preset. So, I can have a slap tone, finger funk tone, and a picking rock tone saved and switch back and forth. The tuner is handy as well especially with the foot controller since it also displays the tuning notes and has the mute switch to engage silent tuning. I cannot say enough good things about this amp. My EBMM Bongo 5HH and Carvin SB5000 both sound amazing through this amp. I get full useability of my onboard preamps on both basses. And if that isn't precise enough, I can make use of the semi-parametric EQs for each of the 4 bands (I think they overlap from 75Hz to 6kHz, so they cover alot of frequencies). If you live in central Wisconsin, feel free to look me up and I'll let you hear how good this amp sounds (and how loud it is!) If you really need something louder than this amp, go with the RH750.
Music background: Semi-Pro Musician

Awesome amp, awesome company

Ordered and received this amp within 24 hours..amazing Sweetwater! And to those who say this amp is not 450 watts, you must have a bad one. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is I don't have the RS10 cabs yet, lol. I hooked this thing up to a Mesa Powerhouse cab and it shook the whole house at only half volume. Thank you Sweetwater, I wil buy from you again..JT
Music background: 30 year music scene vet
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