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12-month Pro Membership to pureMix.net, Including Access to All Video Content as well as the Member-exclusive Forums
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pureMix.net 12-month Pro Membership image 1
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pureMix.net 12-month Pro Membership
Delivered In Minutes!

Learn Modern Music Production Techniques Online

This 12-month Pro Membership to pureMix.net is the perfect way to learn the latest recording, mixing, and music-production techniques. Pioneered by one of NYC's hottest music producer and mixer, Fab Dupont, pureMix.net gives you access to all the tips you'd expect from a dedicated mentor with a lifetime of recording experience. At pureMix.net, you'll find excellent how-to videos on specific cutting-edge gear, such as mixing with ProTools, Logic, Cubase or Studio One or recording acoustic guitars with one microphone. No matter what gear you have or what software you use, this 12-month Pro Membership to pureMix.net will help you develop valuable skills you'll take with throughout the rest of your career. Order your 12-month Pro Membership to pureMix.net from Sweetwater!

pureMix.net Online Instructional Videos at a Glance:
  • Tips you can trust from top-tier music-production gurus
  • Discover universal recording, mixing, and processing techniques
  • Learn a better way to use the gear you already have
Tips you can trust from top-tier music-production gurus

You might be asking yourself, "who are these guys, and why should I listen to them?" Take Fab Dupont for example, the mastermind behind pureMix.net. Having recorded, produced and mixed hit tracks for artists such as Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, DJ Colette, Isaac Hayes, and Shakira. There's no denying this guy knows what he's doing. But more importantly, Fab is the kind of top-level engineer and producer who embodies the idea that only those who truly understand a thing can teach it. That's why, when companies such as Dangerous Music and Focal need an expert to explain extremely technical and specialized audio gear to Sweetwater's Sales Engineers, they send Fab. His easy manner, clear explanations, and concrete examples break down even dauntingly complex subjects into comprehensible chunks. If that sounds like the kind of mentor you'd like music production advice from, then you need to get onboard with pureMix.net.

Discover universal recording, mixing, and processing techniques

One universal truth about music production and recording studios is that we've all got different gear. The trick is knowing how to use the gear you have as well as you can so you can get the best possible results. That's what's so cool about pureMix.net - rather than teach you only specific tricks you can use with specific pieces of gear, the mentors at pureMix.net will help you to develop the techniques you need to get great results from whatever music gear you can get your hands on. So it doesn't matter if you've got a rack full of LA-2As and 1176s, or the basic compressor plug-in that came with your DAW of the day, the tips you'll learn about compression will help you put your gear to work better than ever before.

Learn a better way to use the gear you already have

If you've already picked up some powerful, cool, and extremely tweaky gear such as a Dangerous Liaison or you're trying to wrap your head around the power of UAD plug-ins, pureMix.net has the audio tutorial videos you have to check out. That's because some universally recognize top-shelf gear demands a closer look. Luckily for you, the mentors at pureMix.net are always checking out new gear in their own work. With a Pro Membership to pureMix.net, you'll get unique insight into how to put specific gear to work for you.

pureMix.net Audio Tutorial Videos Features:
  • The perfect way to learn about modern recording and music-production techniques from the comfort of your own studio
  • 12 months of unlimited access to all videos on pureMix.net and pureMix.net's exclusive member forums
  • Content covers aspects of music recording, engineering, and mixing, as well as many other aspects of music production
  • Most video content applies to any studio setup, regardless of specific equipment and software
  • Some videos give you a close look at high-end recording gear and how to use it
  • Presenters' combined credits include Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Bon Jovi, Babyface, MGMT, Soulja Boy, Bebel Gilberto, Lloyd Banks, Ryan Leslie, Robbie Williams, the Steve Gadd Band, and many others

Learn all about music recording and production - right from your computer - with this 12-month Pro Membership to pureMix.net from Sweetwater!

  • pureMix videos are presented in Fab's trademark no-nonsense way.
  • pureMix videos are presented in high-resolution video, with a custom-designed video player.
  • pureMix videos are presented with high-quality audio. Every video is calibrated at -18dbFs, no compression, no limiting.
  • pureMix mixing videos include downloads of the raw audio files for practice.
  • pureMix Pro Memberships enable access to the exclusive Members-only Forum - a community of fellow producers and engineers.

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Excellent tutorials

Very detailed and hands on tutorials by a great engineer FAB
Music background: Musician, producer

Subscription for Puremix buy

Worked like a charm. Very swift and polite communication. As this is a subscription, it's all virtual goods, but the process was smooth and quick. I'm happy!!
Music background: Engineer Recordind & Live, Musician

Sweetwater Advice

Aaron Rom

PureMix is a great educational resource for everyone from the novice to the seasoned professional. They provide useful information through real-world examples that you can apply to your sessions immediately. The quality of the information is second to none - it's like being an assistant engineer without having to learn how the coffee machine works or having to go on a 3am chinese food run! (Although, if you stay up late enough watching the videos, you may have to do that anyway!)
See also: Video Manuals, pureMix.net, pureMix.net Tutorial CD-ROMs, pureMix.net Instructional Videos & DVDs, pureMix.net Instructional Software