Rocktron Prophesy II Rackmount Guitar Preamp and FX

4-Channel Rackmount Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor
Rocktron Prophesy II Rackmount Guitar Preamp and FX image 1
Rocktron Prophesy II Rackmount Guitar Preamp and FX image 1
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Rocktron Prophesy II Rackmount Guitar Preamp and FX
Special Order

Massive Tone and Killer Effects!

Rocktron's Prophesy II contains exciting new presets programmed by Rocktron endorsers, Dave Mustaine, Gary Hoey, Rusty Cooley, Jimi Bell and more. This outstanding DSP processor provides the ultimate control over your tone and effects. The Prophesy is a tremendously powerful tone-shaping tool!

Rocktron Prophesy II at a Glance:
  • Four preamp channels, each with its own distinct voicing
  • Parametric Pre and Post EQ to shape your tone
  • Pre-preamp effects
  • Post-preamp effects preserve tone of preamp
  • Pluck Detection responds to your playing dynamics
Four preamp channels, each with its own distinct voicing

The preamp section of the Prophesy II features four channels, each with its own distinct "voicing" to provide a vast array of desired tube amp sounds. Each voicing may be thought of as a "channel" and each channel has its own basic gain and master controls with bass, mid, treble and presence controls, all easily accessible with "real amp" knobs on the front panel, just like a regular amp head.

  • Channel 1 - "Clean American": Replicates some of the most sought-after clean vintage tweed amps of the late '50s and '60s.
  • Channel 2 - "Texas Blues": A vintage tweed with a bit more "kick" and "bite" often heard from the famous southwest bluesers like Billy Gibbons, Stevie Ray, Eric Johnson, etc.
  • Channel 3 - "Vintage British": A traditional "Plexi Style" tone offering some of the most dynamic rhythm tone available.
  • Channel 4 - "Mega Drive": Considered the Holy Grail of almighty heavy tone of modern music, pumping out everything from early Van Halen to Megadeth and everything in between.
Parametric Pre and Post EQ to shape your tone

The Prophesy II preamp section features a parametric Pre EQ, which allows you to "pre-shape" your tone to simulate the characteristics of several different guitars (such as fine-tuning your Strat to sound more like a Les Paul, etc.) as well as an additional parametric Post EQ to add extra lows, highs, or scoop out the mids. And if that's not enough, the Prophesy II also includes a global parametric EQ which adjust the overall output of the Prophesy on all presets.

Pre-preamp effects

The effects section of the Prophesy II is divided up into two sections, pre distortion (or pre-preamp), and post distortion (or post-preamp) for unlimited configurations of effects. The pre-effects section features Wah, Compressor, HUSH, Pre-EQ, as well as one assignable effect of your choice.

Post-preamp effects preserve tone of preamp

The post-effects section of the Prophesy II provides ultra-transparent, high-quality effects which completely preserve the tone of the preamp - thick reverbs and lush choruses can be used without coloring the sound of the preamp's tone. Four assignable "effect blocks" allow you to assign one effect pre-preamp and three post-preamp effects in any order you choose, including Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch Shift, Rotary Speaker, Ducker Delay, etc. Prophesy II also features a versatile mixer section to control the mix between dry and wet signal output of every effect used in the preset.

Pluck Detection responds to your playing dynamics

The Prophesy II's ADSR (Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release) function features Rocktron's Pluck Detection patent-pending, and allows you to configure any of the Prophesy parameters to be controlled dynamically by each pluck of a guitar string. It's an incredibly musical application that is very different from the usual expression-pedal tricks. You could do some groundbreaking stuff with this killer function!

Of course, the Prophesy II maintains the high-quality operational features that Rocktron processors are well known for, such as glitch-free preset switching with no signal drop out or lag time and the most natural sounding effects.

Rocktron Prophesy II Features:
  • Dynamic Tube Replication Technology (DTR)
  • User Definable Effect Configurations
  • User Assignable Stereo Effect Loop
  • Tap Tempo Delay and Tremolo
  • Built-in Chromatic Tuner
  • Stereo XLR Outputs
  • Real Amp Knobs for On-The-Fly Tone, Volume and Preset Adjustments
  • "Pluck Detector" (patent-pending) and ADSR for Dynamic Effect Control
  • Pre and Post Distortion and Global EQ
  • Pre Distortion Effects and Post Distortion Effects
  • Programmable Speaker Simulator w/ Parameters for Speaker Size, Mic Position, and Reactance
For huge tone and massive effects, go with the Rocktron Prophesy II!

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Tech Specs

Number of Effects 10
Amp Modeling Yes
Number of Models 4
Analog Inputs 1 x 1/4" TS, 2 x 1/4" Return, 1 x 1/4" Footswitch
Analog Outputs 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" TS, 2 x 1/4" Send, 1 x 1/4" Tuner Output
MIDI I/O In, Out/Thru
Rack Spaces 2U
Height 3.5"
Depth 8"
Width 19
Weight 18 lbs. (shipping weight)
Manufacturer Part Number 001-1439

Customer Reviews

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Just As At Home Playing Small Clubs As It Is Playing In Large Theaters/Arenas

I don't quite know what to say except that after actively gigging for the past 20 plus years, spending a few of those years on the road, through all the studio and live sessions and being pretty much my own roadie all of that time, my body is now at 38 years old starting to feel the havoc of hauling around a wall of 4/12 cabinets, an amp rack case and a seperate effects rack case and pedalboard. It was time for me to face the reality that if I wanted to continue to play out on the live scene I needed to scale down, lighten my load and roll with the punches of getting older. But how is an ultimate tone chaser like myself going to accomplish this large feat?? It wasn't easy until now! Enter the Rocktron Prophesy II. For a while, I tried the digital rack thing but wasn't happy with the tone. Let me assure you wholeheartedly that the Prophesy II gets you to tube warmth territory with ease. All of the responsiveness of a tube amp is there. It is easy to use and just as easy to learn how to manipulate the unit to change parameters to get it to do what you want. The built in Rocktron effects are nothing short of amazing in their studio quality sound. With the optional Midi Mate floor controller, you can have all access to your parameters in a live situation at the push of a button. The unit sits in my rolling 8 space shallow rack case with my Furman Power Conditioner, my now rackmounted wireless, a BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer and an old Mosvalve power amp I had stored in the closet. After all the years of breaking my back to have tube tone, warmth and responsiveness, I went from hauling around hundreds of pounds of multiple cases of gear to now pulling a rolling rack case that weighs about 30 lbs fully loaded and a pair of 2/12 cabinets on casters and that's it other than a couple guitars. My setup time with the old rig was about 45 minutes wiring everything in and now in 2 minutes I am ready to play. Teardown time was almost the same and again in 5 minutes I am all packed up. I have used this rig the past two months playing gigs from bars of 100 or less people to ballroom/theaters that hold 2,500+ people and it does the job equally in either situation. Other guitarists cannot believe the tone I get from my rig and say that after hearing this rig that they are going to do the same as me. I know 4 of them that have already done so. All my tube amp heads, effect racks, and 4/12's are going up for sale!! I am as pleased as I will probably ever be as a guitarist in search of his personal holy grail of tone. I knew I had it with my old rig, but now I know I have it just the same in my Prophesy II rig and my back and legs have thanked me!!
Music background: Pro Touring, Live/Studio Session Guitarist

It’s pretty nice but.............

I have been playing guitar for since I was 15, I’m almost 40 now. I’ve had a lot of gear. I have found things I prefer in that time. Les Pauls with long tenon necks and non drilled bodies. Jumbo frets, duncan JB and APH-1N pickups. I do have a Les Paul with emg’s 81x and 85x. I play rock mostly, AIC, soundgarden, dope, mettalica, megadeth, and I play some lighter bluesy stuff as well. I like a rig with a lot of nuance, I like my pick attack to change the distortion. I use my volume knob and pick lighter to go from kill to clean on the same channel. The Prophesy wont do that. It will tear off your face with gain it will clean up a bit but not like a great tube amp. It has all kinds of effects that are very fun and it’s fairly intuitive to setup. I tried to like it, I really did. But at the end of the day I prefer my VHTs ( Fryette these days ) It’s really not a fair comparison between the two, but in the end it’s what comes out of the speakers that counts. I did have an idle curiosity of how it would sound running through a Palmer speaker simulator, Rocktrons speaker sims leave a bit to be desired. But another $1200 on top of the prophesy and you just bought a bogner. I do have an old made in the US rocktron vendetta that actually sounds very good and even has external bias test points and adjusment, all tube 4 channel, midi controlled, parallel and series effects loops. Very cool. They should remake that one.
Music background: Hobby musician. Play in a few local bands.

Rocktron Prophesy

If you're anything like me you've searched for half your life for the Holy Tone Grail. I've spent thousands of dollars on preamps,processors, modeling amps, the entire gamut. Your search will end with the Prophesy! The sounds are no less than "stellar". Right out of the box, you could play any venue, any style and shine. Although it does take some time to go thru the 96 page manual, (particularly difficult for those not "parameter" savvy), but after a month or so of trial and error, you finally get there. Buy this unit and settle your tone lusts forever!

This is it.

I've been playing for 18 years. The constant dilhema is Tone versus versatility versus portability. You can have a great tube amp, a fender or a boogie, for example. If you only want one or two great sounds, great, you're set. But forget effects, forget variations on that tone. Or you can have processor with all these options at the click of a button, by then do any of those options really sound as good as the one or two on your tube amp? Technology is great. It initially gave us tube amps, don't forget. Enter the digital age, and many have tried, and many have failed. Digitech sucks. GT6, I own one, good for some things, bad for heavy overdrive. Line6 xp, etc. sort of there. Sort of not. Still lacking. Enter the Prophesy. It's been around a long time, but I finally gave it a shot. This sucker kicks ***. You want melt your face, rattle your chest metal tone? Boy, is it in there. It delivers. You want clean Fender jazz or blues settings, boy, is it in there. YOu want a kick *** hush system to match. It's in there. You want lush effects, but you don't want to muddy your amp tone? It's got them. You want total control over how wet or dry your signal is? It's in there. You want balanced XLR direct recording, it's got it. This has to be one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Combine this with a Mesa Boogie stereo all tube power amp, a midi controller and you'll have the most killer rig in town. I'm only telling you cause I know how hard it is to find that tone, but part of me wants to just keep it a secret.
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