Kemper Profiler Power Head + Profiler Remote - 600-watt Profiling Head with Remote Controller

Guitar Amp System for Playing and Creating Custom Profiles of Real Amplifiers, with 600W Power Amplifier Onboard and Profile Remote
5/5 6 Write review Item ID: ProfPwrHDwRMT
Kemper Profiler Power Head + Profiler Remote - 600-watt Profiling Head with Remote Controller image 1
Kemper Profiler Power Head + Profiler Remote - 600-watt Profiling Head with Remote Controller image 1

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Kemper Profiler Power Head + Profiler Remote - 600-watt Profiling Head with Remote Controller
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Killer Amp Profiling with Hands-free Control!

The Kemper Profiler PowerHead packs the same awesome amp modeling and emulation of the original Kemper Profiling Amplifier plus a powerful 600-watt power amp. As with the rest of the Profiler series, the Profiler PowerHead doesn't limit you to a bunch of preset models. Instead, it lets you create your own amp profiles and call them up whenever you like. What's more, Kemper's high-tech wizardry gives you total tone-tweaking control over your profiled amps, going well beyond gain and tone. Talk about a must-have studio and live performance tool! Get your Kemper Profiler PowerHead from Sweetwater!

Kemper Profiler PowerHead at a Glance:
  • 200 factory presets and extensive online resources
  • Profile your own amplifiers
  • The perfect link between stage and studio
  • Profile Remote provides you with hands-free control
200 factory presets and extensive online resources

Right out of the box, the Kemper Profiler PowerHead has a ton of profiled amps ready to play. Just connect the Profiler PowerHead to your sound system or recording rig, and you're set. And even if you don't have a collection of amps to profile, there are hundreds of profiled amplifiers available online, and the community of Kemper profilers is growing every day.

Profile your own amplifiers

While the incredibly lifelike profiles included with the Profiler PowerHead will appeal to everybody, you'll love the Profiler PowerHead if you have a ton of amps already. It's easy to connect the Profiler PowerHead to the amp you want to profile, hook up a microphone, capture the sound of that amp, and store it as a preset. You'll be amazed at how accurately your profiled amp preset responds to the gain and tone controls.

The perfect link between stage and studio

Ever been frustrated trying to re-create the tone you captured on a recording when you play out live? You'll love the Profiler PowerHead, because it can profile your studio sound while you're recording. Just take a split of the mic you're recording with and use the split signal to connect to the Profiler PowerHead. You'll capture the sound of your studio performance, ready to be recalled on any stage in the world at a moment's notice. What's more, this Kemper Profiler PowerHead comes loaded with a 600-watt power amp section, so you're ready to rock out live with the same great tones.

Profile Remote provides you with hands-free control

If you have a Kemper Profiler PowerHead, then you'll find the Profiler Remote foot controller system to be indispensable. The Profiler Remote doesn't just match the aesthetic of the Profiler PowerHead, it also offers tight integration with its functions. Four buttons let you directly access five program patches, and an additional four expression pedal inputs let you control continuous parameters such as gain, volume, wah-wah effects, and delay sends. There's also a tuner and a looper function onboard, and the Profiler Remote connects to the amp via standard Ethernet cable for added convenience.

Kemper Profiler PowerHead Features:
  • Lunchbox-style guitar amplifier can create profiles of any physical guitar amplifier
  • Onboard 600-watt power amplifier makes this an awesome live amp, as well
  • Includes 200 amplifier profiles for you to start with
  • Easy to profile your own amplifiers - all you need is a microphone and cable, guitar cables, and a combo amp or amp head and cabinet
  • Built-in DI can split your signal to a direct output for simultaneous recording of your dry guitar signal and the guitar amp profile when used in the studio
  • Great-sounding collection of effects in addition to the amplifiers
  • Automatic spillover lets your delay and reverb tails fade out naturally when you change presets
  • You can lock individual module settings when changing presets, keeping your current delay effects settings while changing amp profiles
  • Effects loop lets you integrate your hardware effects and stompboxes
  • Includes a dedicated foot controller
Don't settle for any old amp or effects profile; use the Kemper Profiler PowerHead to capture the sound of your own gear!

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Tech Specs

Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 600W, 8 ohms/300W, 16 ohms
Effects Yes
Reverb Yes
EQ 8-band (Graphic), 4-band (Parametric)
Amp Modeling Yes
Number of Models 200
Inputs 1 x 1/4", 1 x Coax, 1 x 1/4" (Alternative In), 1 x 1/4" (Return), 1 x XLR (Return)
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (Main), 2 x XLR (Main), 1 x 1/4" (Monitor), 1 x 1/4" (DI), 1 x Coax, 1 x 1/4" (Headphones)
Effects Loop Yes
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru
Footswitch I/O 2 x Switch/Pedal
Height 8.54"
Width 14.88"
Depth 6.81"
Weight 14.33 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number PowerHead + Remote

Customer Reviews

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A few years on and this device keeps getting better and better. The latest updates add delay technology that IMO and others surpasses the finest delay units available. I love the power head as it enables me to use a bass cab onstage and route a full profile to the FoH PA. The user interface and work flow are very different than other modeling units. It's more straightforward to use the device itself than many other modelers that hide options begins endless menus and screens, and the dedicated buttons and knobs make tweaking the easiest if any unit I've tried. Now that the amp selection workflow is massively different than other modelers... You can constantly acquire new amp profiles that are free or paid from third parties, as opposed to choosing avoid from a set list in the unit. This can be a challenge if you end up with thousands of profiles (yes there are thousands!) But the Rig Manager software makes it easy to acquire, audition, group, and archive the profiles.

Best musical purchase I've made!

I waited two weeks to write this review, in order to explore all the features and capabilities first. I can say that every good word you've heard about this Profiler, is absolutely true in my experience also.I've tried the free Rigs and I've purchased commercial rigs very inexpensively, a lot of these rigs are the sweetest tone you can imagine, so real they're surreal. To be able to literally capture the sound of any head or cab combo and then further adjust the settings, beyond what the actual amp was physically capable of, is something out of the future, or sci-fi. There are 7,000+ free rigs on the Kemper Rig Exchange right now, that includes Bass guitar profiles too. They can't all be winners, but there are a lot of great free profiles. The commercial rigs are definitely worth buying, and most are cheap.Some people in reviews I've read have got the wrong impression that the Kemper is only good for playing metal; while the distorted rigs are numerous, the clean tones are some of the biggest and boldest sounds, there are plenty of them. Nearly every amp and rare boutique amp has already been profiled, just waiting to be downloaded, or purchased. I didn't buy the Kemper to profile my own amp/s, as I don't own any, I bought it to use others profiles of their amps. Check out M.Pacheco's profile of an AC30 on the Kemper Rig Exchange, it's free, and it's one of the nicest clean tones I've heard.I really like how the Performance mode is designed, it gives 5 rigs, or complete amp stacks, per Performance, with 125 programmable Performances. I can have one song that contains 5 rigs, or I can name a Performance after one of my guitars and choose rigs based on single coil or humbucker. These are then available to the remote.The output options are a dream come true, ground lifts on everything, crystal clear sound. The Kemper is an incredible value, it can store 1,000 Rigs on board, and with a PC or Mac, you can store an unlimited amount. When you consider being able to afford/maintain 7,000+ heads and cabs, and also have enough room to store it all, the Kemper is cheap!I would buy another today, if the worst were to somehow happen to mine.
Music background: Life-long hobbyist

Technology finally surpasses tubes...

For years I have dreamed about an amp that I could customize to virtually any tone I desired. I tried modeling amps, and while some of them were good, none of them matched the quality of tone delivered from a tube amp. None of them behaved like a tube amp- for instance, if you roll off your volume the gain never cleaned up just right. Or, the tone was very similar with different pick attacks. It just wasn't "right".Well, along came the Kemper. Like many of you reading this, I researched it for weeks online and wanted to believe that this digital box could finally deliver the tonal goods. Online it sounded incredible. There was still part of me that was skeptical. How could this 14 pound toaster bring me to tonal bliss?I bought one. Best amp purchase ever. I am absolutely blown away by the Kemper Poweramp. The tones out of this thing are flawless. The dynamic response is perfect. When I played a sample for my bandmate and fellow guitarist, his mouth fell open. This thing behaves, and most importantly sounds just like a tube amp. But better.How could it be better? Because not only did Kemper figure out the programming to perfectly emulate a tube amp, this thing is loaded, and I mean loaded with every adjustment option you can think of to customize your tone to your liking. Think about it, you start with your favorite amp. Now you can enhance the tone; crank the tube bias, crank the gain, adjust pick attack, gain sensitivity for your specific guitars, tube shape, pure cabinet....the list goes on and on.Over 6000 amp profiles to enjoy are out there right now. You want to play a Fender Deluxe, click, done. Silver Jubilee, click done.I could go on and on, but here it is- this is the real deal. This is a professional, studio quality amp that you can take on the road with you that delivers exceptional tones. Best purchase ever. Get one.

Believe the Reviews !

Been "lusting" after one of the Kemper Profiles for a couple years. But I could never bring myself to part with the kind of cash needed for one of these. Especially, since I just play for pleasure.By far the best amp I have ever owned. I have been playing for 40+ years, and have owned 20-25 amps during that time. Could be wrong, but this will probably be the last amp I will ever purchase.This thing is for real. Every sound, style, genre you can imagine. The controls are very intuitive. The online community support is fantastic. Thousands of free and for sale Amp Models (Rigs). Read the reviews and watch the youtube videos. This thing is for real. It is amazing the sounds it can recreate. I am surprised Fender or Marshall hasn't bought this company out. If for no other reason, than to eliminate the competition.The only "negative" is the price. I will probably never profile an amp (because I plan to sell all of mine). I wish they had a loser cost version, without the profiling capability. Just the ability to play and tweet rigs from Kemper and others. At $1,000 dollars, I don't believe they could make enough of them.If you can afford one of these, get it.


I watched u tube clips on this amp ,and they all sounded incredible, but when I had It delivered to my studio and plugged into it ,I was in awe,and still am ,,this is by far the best amp I have ever owned, I have had about 35 different tube amps SD in my 40 years of playing and recording ,,it will melt your face off!!!! Don't think about it,do yourself a big favor,,,my sales tech WAYNE DAVIS SAID, THIS AMP IS AWESOME, ,, AND THIS AMP IS AWESOME,AND HE IS AWESOME!!!THANKS WAYNE,,CHEERS. Got to get back to my KEMPER!!!!!
Music background: 35 YEARS GIG GIG, 5 YEARS STUDIO
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