PDP Concept Maple Shell Pack - 7-Piece - Pearlescent White Reviews

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Questions about the PDP Concept Maple Shell Pack - 7-Piece - Pearlescent White?
Questions about the PDP Concept Maple Shell Pack - 7-Piece - Pearlescent White?

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Concept Maple Shell Pack Reviews

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  • from Arizona January 10, 2021 Music Background:
    multiple live performance bands

    Tone full

    I have owned many drum kits over the years. The tonal response of this kit is the best for the price point. Rich and clear tones with the softest of strike with wood tip or nylon tip drum sticks.
  • from July 19, 2019

    Great set for any skill level

    This is a very nice set: the wood isn't paper thin like some sets, the hardware is fully functional and holds tight, and the sound is very nice a deep, unlike most of the the other sets for the same price range.
    I always start with aftermarket heads before I play a new set; I prefer remo ebony with the pinstripe. For me, this helps give an even heavier sound. I I play jazz, blues, heavy metal, or what ever catches my ear. These drums are quite versatile and reward the player with great sounds, response, and looks.

    I had a pearl double bass kit before this but the Pearl set was always too tinny, like playing a steel drum set. The pdp has a much fuller and better resonances.

    This kit works great with a double bass pedal or you can fo what I also did and purchase a second bass drum and it sounds and feels very comfortable.
  • from Elkins Park Pa March 11, 2019 Music Background:
    Guitarist/ Drummer/ Vocalist

    Hmmmmm !!!

    Everyone seen a 7 piece kit and got excited. Yep, They look cool but the guy who said they were better than Ludwig, got suckered into these. If your starting out and want to hear Tim Cans, Get this Kit !
  • from NorthWest January 18, 2019 Music Background:

    Pdp Concept Maple

    Absolutely love my new set. It has met and exceeded all of my expectations. Color pops, sound is awesome. Love it
  • from Georgia October 30, 2018 Music Background:
    Professional Drummer

    Can't Touch This !

    I was invited by the Owner of my Local M&P Music Store to "Preview" this Kit before they opened their doors for an Invitation Only Sales Event - {I guess when you are a regular and loyal customer for 20+ Years you get this kind of Perk} - Ironic because I was just discussing with my wife I wanted to retire my Blue Vistilite Kit I bought in 1976 - It was time for it to be in a special place and not face the Rigors of Road-wear. Then the Phone rings, literally like two days later. So I go in after they closed for a "Sneak Preview" as the PDP Concept Maple Kits just hit the street - It was a Friday nite and the 'Event' was set for Saturday - When Zach told me the Kit iwas made by PDP, I never heard of them, when he said it was an "Economy Line" of DW - Curiosity set in so I started looking closer - Right off the bat, the Lacquer Finish was Impeccable and Immaculate - Cherry to Black Fade Sparkle. I've never been much of a Sparkle Fan, just tooooo much Sparkle in the Finishes but this one was light and subtle - kind of 'Just enough to notice" and I liked it. Zach knows me and he also knew I was never going to "Test" this Kit in his store because I just do not like doing that - I like to tune them, dampen them my way and remove the heads to hear the natural tones of the drums - take off the bottom heads - etc. etc. (Hey, I'm Old School 60's - 70's Rock, I like an open bottom). I did play them enough there to notice the tones right out of the box were very warm and deep - {7-ply Maple Shells, 10-ply on the Snare, Nice}. Then he tells me the "Event Price"... (Included a Gibralter Curved Rack, several Clamps, a few other Perks). Now I was Skeptical, I mean, how good could a Kit be at this price ? Me and Cheap Drums do NOT get along. Zach says, buy it. take it home, give me an honest assessment for a couple weeks, come back in, if you like it, it's yours - if you don't I'll give you a full refund, you keep the sticks, on me for trying them out. (I bought 2 pairs of Ahead Sticks). I take them home, I tuned them my way and even though the heads that come with it are really good (REMO's- I prefer Evans Hydraulics 360's). I applied some Gels and went to town - Zeppelin, RUSH, The Who, I kicked the S&!* out of this Kit and it took it all in stride - The sound was Inspiring. I immediately liked it, and over the next two weeks I fell in love with it - It looked amazing, it sounded even better, and it was built to take a beating - I don't always play hard, I play with Finesse, even Subtle at times as in Pink Floyd subtle - Many drums sound good when you play hard but you really appreciate the finer tonal qualities when you play softer. All the way around this Kit shined. After two weeks I met up with Zach and expressed my appreciation for what he did and gave him 2 thumbs up on this Kit. I would put it up against any TAMA, Pearl, Ludwig, etc. Kits selling for Three or Four Thousand Dollars. I will admit when I first took it home I considered that if I did like I would get a DW Head for the Bass Drum Resonant side so the "PDP" Logo would be gone. After playing this for a while I am PROUD of DW and PDP for making this line of drums - They are perfect for a "beginning" Serious drummer who just doesn't have the scratch to lay down a ton of money for a great Kit, and yes, these are GREAT KITS. Also perfect for the Drummer who is maybe touring but not yet getting those "Endorsement / Free Kits" - like me - I am my own Roadie. I loved it so much that this past Labor Day they had another Sale, yeah,, I go in to buy some stick wraps, and I see this White Pearlescent Kit on the upper shelf, it looked gorgeous - I asked about it, was told it's a PDP 7-pc CM like the Cherry Kit you have, only with some minor improvements... After getting a slightly reluctant approval from the Finance Department (My Wife), I took it home. Now, I didn't think it could be any better than the Cherry Kit, but for some reason, it sounds better than that kit, the same deep tones, maybe with a little more Rich Flavor, something. I was thinking of saving some nickels for a full blown DW Kit in White but when I saw this and was told it was a PDP - Nuff Said - It was mine. I am a serious drummer and I really cannot say enough good things about these. I am the Drummer for MRBLITX… They play as good as they look. WOW ! I wrote a Book - Lol - Anyway, you know what I think.
  • from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri July 19, 2018 Music Background:
    semi pro\ i have a day job still

    Pdp Concept Maple Drums 7pc.

    I played a pdp mple set at a music store and couldn't believe the price for such a great sounding kit but apparently that store didn't want to sell anything that day so I went to the internet and Sweetwater. Absolutely one of the best sounding kits I've had. Previously owned Yamaha, Tama and vintage rogers and Slingerland. Oh and they tune very easily for a beginner or a seasoned musician.
  • from Texas March 6, 2017

    Best site to order from.

    This kit is more than I expected. I've been a professional musician for over 30 years. 9 different world tours, endorsments, featured in several different major music magazines, I have used almost all of the top brands of drums. I was going to buy a set of DW performance. I decided to save a little money and try the concepts maple series instead. The snare needed a different batter head for my taste. It had alot of overtone ringing. All the rest of the kit blows me away. BEAUTIFUL,DEEP FINNISH !!! This kit, right out of the box is amazing. It had the sound I've allways wanted . It's allways been alot of work ,from other brands, to try to achieve this sound. NOT WITH THIS KIT. Dealing with other online deallers before...SWEETWATER is the ABSOLUTE BEST. I will never do buisness with anyone else. If you want the best customer service, fast and acurate shipping and great gear..don't look elsewhere!!! This pdp maple concept kit definitely has the signature DW sound, and craftsmanship. I wish these were around 20 years ago. You WILL NOT be disappointed with this set of drums.
  • from Tippett December 16, 2016 Music Background:
    played 15 years professionally before retiring, Large contcerts, studio

    Awesome Kit

    I am blown away with how this kit just looks, All white. I purchased the 7 piece and added a second bass. only had them sense December 6th.Evan at Sweetwater was fantastic at helping me through the whole process.He saved me a ton of money in taxes alone. I wanted to buy them from my local Guitar Center, the guys there are fantastic, but Sweetwater was great and Evan made it hard not to buy from them. I started playing at age six, and just recently started back at 62, played Slingerland for 15 years, double bass for ever. It comes with Remo single ply clear heads, I will replace all the heads down the road, they do sound great, nice rich tone, great clarity, long sustain. you can not go wrong with this kit. Progressive Jazz, Funk, rock and hard rock.
  • from Norristown, PA December 1, 2016

    Amazing Kit

    This is truly an amazing kit for the price and the Pearlescent White finish is beautiful. I have been wanting to upgrade to a maple kit for a while and this kit didn't disappoint. I was coming from a Tama kit and the tom mounts I already have fit perfectly. They are also hinged so that you can use any size mounting rod, including the bigger DW ones (the PDP ones are smaller than DW).

    Some of the little thing that really impressed me are the floor toms. They have 8 lugs instead of 6 for a better, more even tone on a bigger drum, and the floor tom legs aren't evenly spaced (more of a 6,10:30 & 1:30 spacing) which works perfectly with how I want to set mine up. I went ahead and got the 7 piece with the 8" tom since it wasn't much more, not thinking I would probably use it, but it's one of my favorite toms on the kit. I put new heads on it and it really sings.

    My singular complaint is the PDP tom mount that comes with it for the 8" tom is pretty much unusable. I already had other tom mounts that fit it, so it wasn't a real problem. I don't use the bass drum tom mounts, but the ball system there seems to work really well.

    As always, Sweetwater is amazing.
  • from Louisville, TN. September 11, 2016

    PDP Concept Maple 7-piece kit

    I been playing this drum kit 2 months now and very happy with the sound and the great finish Pearlescent white. This drum kit looks great on the lighted stage. No problems with the hardware with the kit. Love the tom hangers that you get with the kit . I replaced the heads with Remo clear pin stripes and evans bass head. Bang away boys!!!!
  • from May 23, 2016

    Great Set

    GREAT Set of drums coming from an 70's Ludwig set, the PDP's sound amazing
  • from OKC March 24, 2016 Music Background:

    Missing Parts

    At delivery I unpacked everything and discovered I was missing two bass drum clamps. I called immediately and explained in detail that previous set was sold and I needed theses parts ASAP in order to play the weekend gig. I just received them yesterday. Had to find replacement pieces that would suffice and had given up on the correct pieces. I spoke with three different persons at Sweetwater. Not mad, just disappointed.

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