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Takamine P5DC - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Takamine P5DC - Natural?

Questions about the Takamine P5DC - Natural?

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  • from Upstate NY August 28, 2016Music Background:
    Rennaissance guitarist

    The Samurai Sword Of Guitars

    Let me begin by saying, the Takamine P5DC is actually a work of art. Don't get me wrong, so are Boseman Gibsons, it's just the difference in approach. With Gibsons you get the individuality of the luthier who built it as well as pure American quality. The Japanese culture however, is in this Takamine (which I purchased from Sweetwater). Take it out of the case, sit down and strum, then smell the inside of the guitar, it's alive. Everything about this guitar is precise. The fit and finish are impeccable. As you play, you can almost see the craftsman's painstaking attention to detail while building it, an expression of his culture as opposed to his personal interpretation. In the tradition of Samurai sword builder's, he's in there alright, but behind in the background allowing his creation to take the spotlight and speak for itself.

    As to sound and tone, the words to describe are multitudinous, so allow these few: big, bold and beautiful.

    Okay, now to playability. I'm a skeptic to the point of being cynical at times. So when I first inspected the guitar for any problems, I noticed the action seemed a little high at the upper frets. I wanted to call my Sweetwater engineer to complain, but then I did a little research. According to one of Britain's most reliable luthiers, "For a good, general purpose playing action that suits fingerpicking and strumming styles of playing, the 'action' at the 12th fret should be a little under 3mm for the 6th string, and around 2mm for the 1st string." Pulled out my trusty feeler gauge, measured and sure enough, the Sweetwater boys were right on the money, 2.137 mm for the EBG strings and 2.8 mm for the DAE.

    So, here's the deal, you could spend a thousand or more on another guitar, but I'm not sure you will be buying anything better than the Takamine pro series. You will be buying a different sound I suppose, and that's fine, but you won't be buying better quality and you'd be making a mistake buying anywhere but here. If you're like me and suffer acutely from buyer's remorse every time you spend more than $10, take heart, the Sweetwater guys make the process singularly pleasant as you know it will be right or if not, they will make it right.

  • from New Hampshire April 2, 2016

    Super Guitar

    This guitar is special. I'm a big CF Martin fan and this P5DC compares very favorably. Even just acoustic is almost as loud as my HD-35. Can't wait to hear amplified. Very easy to play (maybe even easier than my Martin). Also, very pleased with my experience with Sweetwater.

  • from Chester, TX August 31, 2014Music Background:


    One of the finest sounding acoustics I've ever played in this price range. This is an heirloom quality instrument in all respects... outstanding tone, great value, exceptional manufacturing & finish. The neck & fret-board feel very comfortable & you can sense the quality of this instrument just by holding it in your hands. First thing I did was lower the action a little & install some Spectrum, Super Light strings for increased playability. I lost a minute amount of "unplugged" volume by doing so but to me, the trade-off was worth it because the guitar still has great volume/tone & is much easier to play without a hint of fret buzz. This guitar rings out even with a very thin pick... now, that's impressive. I couldn't be more pleased with mine & this 50th anniversary model might be very collectible in the future... maybe the future is now! Well done! Thanks again to all the fine folks at Sweetwater... exceptional service on each & every transaction. "I'll be back."

  • from Reston, Va May 18, 2013Music Background:
    Full time, touring musician

    First P5DC Review!!

    First of all, I'm happy to announce, this is the first review for this guitar. I know it's just a renamed, slightly altered version of the TAN16C, but technically it's the first for the P5DC, so I feel special... I've been playing a Taylor 414CE (2002) for 10 years (the past 4 professionally). I absolutely love this guitar, but have been tough on her. I play hard and use a very percussive style. Let's just say my luthier loves/hates me because I'm such a regular in his shop, but his heart breaks a little every time I bring it in for a "tune up". He says I'd be in prison if it were a woman... Anyway, I recently cracked the top beyond any repair worthy of the tone it once had, so we agreed put her into retirement. He even removed the preamp, so I can't play out if I'm feelng nostalgic... Over the years, my he always tried to convince me to buy a higher end Takamine and I wanted no part of it. ONLY American in my house! This guy knows his stuff though and after researching, I realized I needed to take a risk. I have never purchased a guitar without playing it first, so I was beyond apprehensive, but 24 month no interest financing is hard to pass up. This guitar played like butter right out of the box, but unfortunately all takamine guitars come standard with light strings and those don't cut it for me. After my luthier set it up for mediums, holy crap this thing is amazing. It's built like a tank. The CT4-DX preamp is great, but extremely sensitive. You have to tweak it carefully. Comes with a 4 band EQ and option to put a second pickup in for blending. I doubt I'll ever do this, considering it sounds so good already...

    **Warning** Takamine is majorly lacking in preamp setup guidance!

    The first couple gigs I played, I had to jack the gain up big time to get the guitar loud enough and had no idea why. The guitar still sounded great, but was a bit on the thin side. It wasn't until I really examined some high res pictures of the preamp that I saw a gain knob on the inside. Not very convenient, and of course, it was turned all the way down! I jacked it up about half way and this thing sounds $$$$$$$$$. I can't imagine how well the tone is going to develop over the decades.

    For the price, you cannot beat Takamine acoustic/electrics. I play 200 shows a year and will never purchase another brand (unless I get stupid rich). There's just no need. The preamps are superior to Fishman and completely blow Taylor Expression System out of the water. If you gig a lot, get a Tak and don't ever look back. Leave your high end martins and gibsons in your studio and only play them acoustically.

Questions about the Takamine P5DC - Natural?

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