One Control Crocodile Tail Loop Switcher

Guitar Effects Loop Switcher with 10 x Effects Loops, Buffered and Unbuffered Inputs, MIDI I/O, and 70 User Preset Storage Slots
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One Control Crocodile Tail Loop Switcher image 1
One Control Crocodile Tail Loop Switcher image 1
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One Control Crocodile Tail Loop Switcher
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All the Effects Loop Control You Need!

The mother of all effects loop switchers, One Control's Crocodile Tail Loop is any high-tech guitarist's dream come true. With 10 fully independent switchable loops at your command, the Crocodile Tail Loop gives you all the freedom you need to set up cool and complex effects routings to your heart's desire. One Control's amazing BJF buffer circuit is responsible for the Crocodile Tail Loop's incredible sound quality and ultra-forgiving headroom, but you can bypass it, if you like, via the unbuffered input. There's also MIDI I/O onboard this versatile switcher, which allows you both to control it remotely and to use it to control your MIDI-equipped effects and amplifiers. And if you need more than 10 effects loops, you can always daisy chain another One Control Crocodile Tail Loop via a single Cat 5e ethernet cable.

One Control Crocodile Tail Loop Guitar Pedal Effects Loop Controller at a Glance:
  • Audition, experiment, store, and recall any combination of loops you like
  • MIDI I/O adds a whole additional layer of functionality to your guitar rig
  • Link Function lets you take your pedalboard to a whole new level
Audition, experiment, store, and recall any combination of loops you like

From simple manual loop switching to automated storage and recall, the One Control Crocodile Tail Loop makes creating advanced effects routings for your guitar rig easy as pie. As you're getting started, the Crocodile Tail Loop's direct mode lets you try out different combinations of pedals to find the right setup for the sound you want. Using the streamlined pushbutton controls, you can easily store up to 70 of your own loop presets in seven banks of 10 presets each, giving you a huge range of onstage control.

MIDI I/O adds a whole additional layer of functionality to your guitar rig

Here's another side of the One Control Crocodile Tail Loop you're sure to find handy: MIDI control. Each of the Crocodile Tail Loop's switches lets you send out MIDI control change messages. That's extremely handy if you're playing through a MIDI-equipped multi-effects unit, because you can set up your programs to switch tone presets as well as to toggle loops. It's also great for switching channels and onboard effects on MIDI-equipped amplifiers. On the other hand, you can also control the Crocodile Tail Loop via an external MIDI controller. That means you can leave your whole pedalboard off stage and use just a simple MIDI foot controller to run your whole rig.

Link Function lets you take your pedalboard to a whole new level

Need more than 10 effects loops? No problem! Thanks to the handy Link function built into the Crocodile Tail Loop, expanding your rig's capabilities is easy. Just hook up both Crocodile Tail Loops together via a single run-of-the-mill Cat 5e ethernet cable, and you're all set. There are two Link modes, Sync and Download. Sync mode simply follows the settings of the master unit only, so if you trigger preset 2 on the master unit, the slave unit will activate its preset 2. In Download mode, the master Crocodile Tail Loop actually sends its complete settings to the slave unit, perfect for setting up parallel rigs for high-profile shows.

One Control Crocodile Tail Loop Guitar Pedal Effects Loop Controller Features:
  • A super-versatile guitar effects loop switcher you can use to set up highly intricate pedalboard configurations
  • 10 x switchable effects loops give you a ton of options for setting up your pedalboard
  • Loops 1-7 operate in series and are fed from a single main input
  • Loops 8, 9, and 10 feature independent external inputs for additional configuration options
  • Direct mode lets you toggle individual loops via the individual footswitches
  • 7 x banks of 10 x user-programmable memory slots let you store and instantly recall up to 70 settings
  • BJF buffered input circuit lets you pile on the pedals without worrying about loss of signal or headroom
  • Unbuffered input also available
  • MIDI I/O lets you send program change messages to your MIDI-equipped effects units and guitar amplifiers or to control your Crocodile Tail Loop remotely
  • Link function lets you daisy chain another Crocodile Tail Loop into your rig for even greater configuration flexibility
  • Tuner output provides you with a single-ended send for silent tuning
Take your guitar rig to a whole new level with the One Control Crocodile Tail Loop guitar pedal effects loop controller!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number OC10

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Perfect add to any pedalboard

I did a lot of research on these before I finally bit the bullet and decided that this was exactly what I needed. I appreciated sweetwater's return policy that stated that if I didn't like it, I had I believe 30 days to return it and get a full refund. I'm happy though that it was everything is hoped it'd be. Noise free switching between the loops and it really improved my tone by eliminating a lot of unnecessary cable length. I'm also using it to do channel switching on my amp which makes it really nice. Literally no tap dancing at all anymore. If you're in the market for something like this, I'd highly recommend looking up all the options his has to offer or calling one of the Sweetwater sales guys as they helped me quite a bit with the questions I had.

Just buy a good looper like this one

I have always wanted a looper and finally decided to splurge. I was going to get an unpowered one from a smaller company, but then noticed some people online had loopers with MIDI capabilities. This thing is awesome. Two modes. One for programming all loops with whatever loops I want to engage with a single click and the other for clicking on and off specific loops. The 1st mode also lets you use MIDI to send a signal to your pedals. I use Strymon's Timeline and Big Sky so this is a WIN!!! I just preprogram the loops I need for a gig and the looper tells my Strymon pedals what patch to play. There is a reason why Strymon included 100 banks to hold your presets. No more pedal dancin'! The sound quality is pretty phenomenal. With my old setup in series I noticed sound degradation pretty easily. I run and American Strat through my pedalboard into a Matchless Spitfire. With a high quality amp like this one, you can hear the degradation occur when your pedals are run in series. This looper doesn't click or pop and has buffered inputs/outputs so that you maintain a strong, clear signal. I can't notice a difference between a straight plug into the amp or through the looper. It's expensive but worth it. Just and FYI, you need double the cables and connectors, but oddly enough you will notice an improvement in sound.

Revolutionised the Way I Play

This is easily the best money I have ever spent on my pedalboard. As my rig grew, so did the amount of tap dancing required to get through every song in the set. There were times I'd have to somehow activate and deactivate combinations of 5 pedals at a time to change to a specific sound. Now that all my pedals are in programmable loops every single sound I want is just one foot press away.Ten available loops for pedals with advanced routing options, and ten banks of seven presets mean there is more than enough room to save your favourite pedal combinations. Turn off your compressor, OD, boost and reverb while turning on your POG2 and fuzz with just a single stomp of a footswitch. Incredible. While the MIDI control is rudimentary at best, it is still invaluable. Using my Strymon TimeLine and BigSky, I can have a different delay and reverb sound not just for every song, but even for different sections. The ability to instantly go from a clean compressed sound with dotted 8th delays and a hint of room verb in a verse to a huge overdriven chorus with a nice big plate verb so seamlessly and clean is just absolutely sublime. If your pedalboard is growing and you would love to do more without accidentally sending your rig into spaceship mode due to a poorly executed tap dance routine, then you just need to have this. Highly recommended for regular giggers and worship guitarists.
Music background: Pro Musician, Live Sound Engineer

This controller is CLUTCH!!!

This thing is CLUTCH..... Has 7 Loops plus 3 versatile parallel loops to all mix pedals at your feet (up to 10) or even run signal to two amps (stereo or maybe even run "tr-ereo" - 3 amps...ha,ha... bad*ss's buy three amps). Can buffer or bypass the buffer for signal strength / tone preference. I run a Wah pedal then into the controller. Midi is also sweet..... make sure your midi pedals/equipement are really capable of connecting to any of the 70 channels this controller has. Note this: The midi capability on the "TC Flashback X4 Delay" is not good..... one day i will be upgradinig to a more versitile midi delay pedal (Strymon)..... this is a shame because TC Flashback X4 has great delays. Also this controller can midi control my 3 channel 65 Amps Empire (also CLUTCH) with a RJM Switch Gizmo (midi to TRS connection to control channels). The Crocodile's Tail instructions are minimal (Japanese in box/ English instruction online)... look at all the "youtube" videos to understand total capability (Sweetwater please produce a product video). Power it with 9V from a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus.
Music background: Rock Star... on my front porch.

Nice unit. Does not include power supply.

I have not had a chance to play with the device yet, but it seems to be a very well-built unit. I thought it pertinent to point out that it does not ship with a power supply. Yes, you _can_ power it by combining outputs 5 and 6 from a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus, _but_ that requires a CURRENT doubling adapter that you have to buy separately from Voodoo Labs (for $6 plus shipping). Outputs 5 and 6 are rated at only 250 mA each, so you need to combine the two to provide the 450 mA that the Crocodile Tail drains. The only other caveat is that the user's manual is very sketchy. I had to read it carefully several times before I got the gist of how the Crocodile Tail works.
Music background: Hobbyist
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