2.4GHz Digital Wireless MIDI System with Transmitter and Receiver, Bidirectional MIDI Clock Transmission, USB Connectivity, and Up to 500' Transmission Distance
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MIDIWorks MIDIjet Pro USB image 1

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Take Your MIDI Rig Wireless!

The MIDIWorks MIDIjet Pro USB wireless MIDI system will take your MIDI rig to a whole new level. Beyond offering you up to 500' near-instant MIDI transmission (an impossible feat with standard MIDI cables) the MIDIjet Pro USB provides many advantages that far outstrip even the most advanced wireless MIDI systems on the market. Bidirectional 2.4GHz digital wireless MIDI communication lets you both transmit and setup sync over the airwaves, without ever worrying about dropout or interference. What's more, both the transmitter and the receiver come equipped with USB ports, which lets you get a ton of milage out of your MIDIWorks MIDIjet Pro USB wireless MIDI system.

MIDIWorks MIDIjet Pro USB Wireless MIDI System at a Glance:
  • Bidirectional MIDI lets you sync up your rig
  • 2.4GHz freedom means no zero interference and infinite possibilities
  • Who's using MIDIjet Pro? EVERYONE!
Bidirectional MIDI lets you sync up your rig

The bidirectional MIDI capabilities of the MIDIWorks MIDIjet Pro USB alone puts it leaps and bounds beyond any similar wireless MIDI system we've ever seen at Sweetwater. This function allows MIDI clock to be sent back from the MIDIjet Pro USB's receiver to the transmitter, allowing you to keep tight sync between your devices. That's extremely useful if, for example, you're running an arpeggiator on your keyboard at the back of the stage and you want to keep it in sync with the backing tracks playing off the Pro Tools rig 200' away in the booth or the vocal delay coming off of the digital mixing console.

2.4GHz freedom means no zero interference and infinite possibilities

Because the MIDIjet Pro USB operates in the 2.4GHz frequency range, you'll never have to worry about other wireless signals bumping your transmission band and causing dropout. But a clear signal is only one of the extremely cool things MIDIWorks was able to do with this digital wireless setup. For instance, you've got the bandwidth to connect up to 29 MIDIJet Pro USB systems at once. That's a ton of MIDI channels in the air! What's more, you can send as many MIDIjet Pro USB transmitters as you like to a single MIDIjet Pro USB receiver, allowing you to setup incredibly complex control rigs.

Who's using MIDIjet Pro? EVERYONE!

When MIDIWorks decided to release MIDIjet Pro USB into the real world, they did what any responsible new technology pioneer should do: they field tested the living daylights out of it. Specifically, they put it on tour with Peter Gabriel and Sean Paul, two artists who are known for their extremely tight live shows. Since then, MIDIjet Pro USB has gone on tour with U2, Beyonce, the Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, the Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Dream Theater, Herbie Hancock, No Doubt, Dave Matthews Band, Dragonforce, Smashing Pumpkins, Chicago, Imogen Heap... the list goes on and on. If you need reliable wireless MIDI real pros count on, you need a MIDIWorks MIDIjet Pro USB wireless MIDI system!

MIDIWorks MIDIjet Pro USB Wireless MIDI System Features:
  • A powerful and reliable way to take your MIDI rig wireless
  • 2.4GHz digital wireless MIDI communication ensures dropout free communication - anywhere!
  • Up to 500' of clean, nearly instantaneous MIDI transmission far outperforms traditional wired setups
  • Bidirectional communication allows you to sync your DAWs, sequencers, arpeggiators, and other MIDI-clock-based functions
  • USB onboard makes connecting to computer-based DAWs easy
  • Connect as many transmitters as you like to a single receiver
  • Run up to 29 MIDIjet Pro systems at once
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Detachable bending and swiveling antennas and wire belt clips included
  • Firmware upgradable as new features become available
  • On tour with some of the biggest names in rock and pop, including U2, Beyonce, the Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, the Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, and many others
Ditch your MIDI cables with a MIDIWorks MIDIjet Pro USB wireless MIDI system from Sweetwater!

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Great product

Great product works beyond measure
Music background: Professional recording artist saxophonist

Great product, bested only by greater customer service!

First off, I'll just agree right off the bat that the other reviews of the product are spot on -- not much more to add there other than if you are tired of wires, this is the *only* wireless solution you should consider. (I've had them all.) What impressed me even more, though, was the great personal customer service I received from the MIDIWorks team. I bought the MIDIJet pro for use with a very vintage Roland AX-1 keytar in my gigging band, to replace the pile of other worthless wireless solutions I'd tried. Okay, I thought -- this is it, the Rolls Royce of wireless MIDI. Ready for wireless nirvana, I plugged in the units and switched everything on. But instead of bliss, I got stuck notes, missed notes, etc. How could this be happening? All the great touring acts use this product -- it *must* work. I checked every connection, used a different synth (soft synth, rack synth, etc.), a different Roland keytar, tried every channel, turned off every 2.4gHz device in a half-mile radius, nothing worked. Ultimate frustration. I emailed the manufacturer and almost immediately got a very helpful and well thought out reply -- a list of troubleshooting steps to try and some other suggestions, as well as a list of questons. What had I tried already, had I done this or that, etc. Pretty impressive. I worked through the steps without success and probably exhausted MIDIWorks support with at least a dozen emails trying to get at the problem. When everything else failed, they asked me to send them in for testing to see if they could figure out the issue. Well of course you can see this coming already -- as soon as they received the units, they worked perfectly for them. Naturally. :) They immediately sent out a replacement set of brand-new units, *just in case* there was something they couldn't reproduce. Excitedly, I plugged them in as soon as they arrived -- and of course, no joy. Aggggh! Now of course, the problem was clearly on my end -- but what? I'd expect most vendors to just give up at this point -- they proved the units weren't defective, gave me a new set, so now the problem's mine, right? Wrong -- they never gave up trying to figure it out. And finally, the answer. "Hey, that controller you're using -- it doesn't send MIDI clock all the time, does it?" I was taken aback at first -- none of the "dumb" controllers in my arsenal sent clock *all the time* by default. Or so I thought. A quick dive into the ancient Roland manual -- and yes, the AX-1 sends MIDI clock, all the time, by default. Over a cable, it turns out, that's not an issue -- but with wireless, it's simply too much data to handle. Turn off the clock send, and voila! MIDIJet Pro works *perfectly* -- rock solid sync, 100 percent reliable, great range, and about 1/5 the latency of my cheap M-Audio MidAir solution (which was almost unusable the latency was so high). So bravo, not only for a great product, but for going *way* above and beyond to make sure your customer was happy. Thank you MIDIWoks!
Music background: Keyboard player

I've Been A Wandering Drummer for 6 Years!

I've been using this MIDIjet unit with my Zendrum for over six years now and I haven't had a single problem with it. I once played an outdoor amphitheater that had a grassy knoll about 300 feet from the stage. I wondered out, over and beyond that little hill. I couldn't even SEE the stage and I was still playing with the band. How cool is that?!!! Forget even considering any other wireless brand, this unit has served me flawlessly for six years. Wandering Drummer Keith
Music background: Drummer for forty years, Zendrummer for six.

Flawless Midi Connectivity

We've been using these in multiple venues to send midi from a foot controller to our ableton live computer for a year now and they have been flawless. They do need power cycled every once in a while (the fast blinking light will stop)
Music background: Music Director

A must for users with MIDI rigs...

I have been playing keyboards for over 25 years... I have always utilized MIDI, and had keytars, wind controllers, etc... I just received this from Sweetwater yesterday and tried it out with my Roland AX09. WOW. I could move almost anywhere, freely, with no drops, and still trigger my superior KronosX and Motif XF. This is WELL worth the investment.
Music background: Hobbyist
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