Boss ME-50B Bass Multi-effects Pedal

Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedalboard with COSM Overdrive and Distortion plus Dedicated Knobs
Boss ME-50B Bass Multi-effects Pedal image 1
Boss ME-50B Bass Multi-effects Pedal image 1
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Boss ME-50B Bass Multi-effects Pedal
In Stock!

The Bass Player's Dream Effects Box Come True!

The BOSS ME-50B puts world-class bass effects in a rugged floor unit with easy pedal-style control. Effects on the ME-50B are divided into six sections - Compressor/Limiter, Master, Filter/Tone, Drive/Synth, Delay/Modulation and Expression Pedal-giving bassists a range of unique and powerful BOSS tones including new effects like Sound Hold, Octave Up and Kick Drum. From there, ME-50B effects can be edited using 23 knobs and controlled via three built-in footswitches and an assignable expression pedal. The ME-50B from BOSS is the piece no bass player should be without!

BOSS ME-50B Bass Effects Pedal at a Glance:
  • Great sounding, easy-to-use floor processor
  • Shape your sound with COSM compressor/limiter and EQ
  • Octave-up effect plus wah, defretter, and more
  • Incredibly warm overdrive sounds
  • Build loops and add kick drum patterns

Great sounding, easy-to-use floor processor
BOSS understands that bass players want access to powerful effects, but they don't want to get caught up in the menus and programming hassles of a multi-effects processor. Enter the ME-50B. Just like its guitar-oriented sibling, the new ME-50B puts BOSS's finest multi-effects for bass into a convenient floor processor with the feel of a compact pedal. Forget about menus and cursor buttons. Just reach down and twist a knob on the ME-50B!

Shape your sound with COSM compressor/limiter and EQ
Everyone knows that the fundamentals of good bass tone are compression and EQ. That's why the ME-50B from BOSS features two dedicated sections for these essential effects. The Compressor/Limiter of the ME-50B uses advanced COSM modeling - including a "Natural" compression setting that retains the nuances of your playing - to give you tight, punchy tone. Simply select the ME-50B compressor "Type" and adjust the Sustain/Threshold knob to get the tone you want. The Master section includes a BOSS 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid for precise tonal shaping.

Octave-up effect plus wah, defretter, and more
The ME-50B includes a variety of unique tone-shaping effects just for bass. These include a handy "Octave Up" effect, which adds a note one octave above the original while retaining your natural bass sound-complete with adjustable BOSS drive on the octave-shifted note-plus favorites like Slow Gear, T-Wah and a Defretter effect for instant fretless sounds. Using the Tone effect preset on the ME-50B, you can get quick tonal variations with BOSS preset EQs like "Bottom Boost" and "Mid Shape."

Incredibly warm overdrive sounds
Want some extra bite? Switch on the ME-50B's Drive effects, which include settings like "Muff Fuzz," "Bass Driver," "Natural" and "Metal" to give you a range of BOSS overdriven/distorted sounds. A new "Hi Band" effect creates a distorted sound on the high frequencies while keeping the lower frequencies intact-perfect for creating complex tones while keeping your original playing dynamics. There are also four synth bass sounds on the ME-50B with superb tracking and natural feel.

Build loops and add kick drum patterns
Sound On Sound recording is very popular with guitarists, and now bass players can build their own loops too with the BOSS ME-50B! But the ME-50B can do even more. Using the new Kick Drum function, players can tap in their own kick drum and create loops over the beat. If that's not enough, check out the new Sound Hold function, which lets you endlessly sustain a low note while playing over it. With the ME-50B, bassists can take their playing to a whole new level.

BOSS ME-50B Bass Effects Pedal Features:
  • Floor-based bass multi-effects processor with easy analog control
  • Killer COSM Compressor/Limiter and Drive effects, plus T-Wah, Slow Gear and Defretter
  • Innovative Sound Hold function for sustaining a low note while playing on top
  • Sound On Sound recording with new Kick Drum effect for keeping time
  • Dedicated knobs for each effect section-no menu-surfing!
  • Easy Tone effects with Preset EQ templates for quick tone editing
  • 3 footswitches and onboard expression pedal routed to 6 options like Octave, Wah, etc.
  • Solid metal case built to withstand abuse
Wrap your bass sound around a BOSS ME-50B pedal!

Additional Media

BOSS ME-50B Owners Manual

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Bass Multi-FX
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x 1/8" stereo
Outputs 2 x 1/4", 1 x Headphone
Batteries 6 x AA
Power Supply Included No
Height 3.1"
Width 15.1"
Depth 8.8"
Weight 7 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number ME-50B

Customer Reviews

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ME-50B Bass pedal

Awesome all in one pedal. Now I won't have to have many different pedals on the floor. More than enough sound options for many music styles.
Music background: Recording artist that enjoys music from around the world.


The Boss ME-50B is great. Now I can get the sounds just like the lead guitar. it's got every thing I wanted and more. Your Friend, Kermitt Duke
Music background: band member (bassest)

A world of difference!

I am so happy that I purchased this pedal. I had been using a Line6 POD XT for years on both guitar and bass. I figured that "effects are effects", but was having difficulty playing live since I didn't have a footswitch. I was deciding whether to buy a footswitch for the POD or just buying a new pedal, and I'm glad I went with the ME-50B. I wasn't expecting such a huge tonal difference in using something specifically designed for bass, even without using any effects. The bass tone is HUGE in this pedal. And I love the aggressive distortion, which really fills out on stage. I was disappointed at first with the Hi Band distortion in that it's not much of an "effect". It seemed really weak - but when playing with the rest of the band it sounds awesome. The tone really cuts through the mix and doesn't sound distorted, just un-muddy and clear. It has become my "all the time" config, only switching to heavier distortion, or clean with reverb depending on what the song needs. I had considered buying the more expensive GT-10B since there is more flexibility in having more switches available and more memory banks, but honestly the ME-50B has everything I need performing live. I don't touch half of the effects that this thing is capable of, so I know that I would never touch the advanced features of the GT-10B. The construction is very solid and I don't hesitate to slam down on the switches when I'm in the moment. The expression pedal flips on seamlessly and adds a lot to your performance. The only downside is there is a delay when switching memory banks. This is only a fraction of a second, but is noticeable, so I'm careful to make drastic sound changes only in between notes.. It just takes a little more awareness while playing live so that there isn't a noticeable drop out of sound when you switch which doesn't bother me - but it may be a deal breaker depending on your playing style and needs.
Music background: Bass player for 25 years, recording and live sound engineer


First, before you buy an amp, if you're just practicing headphone Jack is your amp. If you're like me and was gonna buy a chorus pedal (I would bought boss) possibly a wah wah, and a driver, you're in over the cost of this lovely little machine. Very easy to use, battery power as an option is a big plus (I'll go buy a 4.5v charger at radio shack instead of complaining about it, I use rechargeables anyway). I like the sounds, I like that it has a tuner on board, I like labeled knobs instead of surfing digital menus. If I could ask for one more thing in something of this nature it would be a USB to become an interface. But considering the price of just a chorus pedal or an inline chromatic tuner... this piece is worth more than the sticker price. This thing has more stuff than I would ever use covering songs but if you're feeling like you want effects and maybe don't know what you'll need. This has all of them. And again. Headphone Jack helps the neighbors from dealing with you and you can buy an amp later if you're not playing with a band yet.

Great for Recording & then some

Since starting to collaborate long distance (making backing tracks), and even in a band locally, I discovered that I REALLY like the Boss ME-50B. It's easy to bring out the sound of the bass guitar, even within a mix containing more guitars & keys than common sense might suggest. When you emphasize the left side of the device (Filter/Tone circuit & Compressor circuit), and then fine-tune the top (EQ) section, you can get some really sweet combinations from it. Just a personal preference, but there is nothing like the upper harmonic ranges produced by a Rickenbacker bass. With a combination of the "mid-shape" setting (Filter circuit), and punching up the high frequencies just a bit above center (in the EQ section), along with using the Limiter setting (part of the Compression circuit), you can get a really thick but treble-loaded punch that will cut through and distinguish the bass lines even with a church organ track beside it. I think that tone is great for backing tracks, because it's hard to tell what other musicians are going to do with them later when they add guitars & other instruments. Even a really low-cost bass guitar, with that Boss unit on the floor, can sound nearly as good as a Rick/Hartke combination. That's not easy to find in floor-based FX. It gives you many other direct-to-PA (or recording) options as well for live work. Most of my work says bass should be "clean," so I pretty much ignore the distortion options of the "synth" [middle] effect section, but I'm sure the new school players will dig that as well. It does gobble up batteries, however, and the lack of providing an AC adapter as part of the package is the main reason I knocked off that half-star. (You get about 6 hours of battery life if it is on constantly -- so you'll pay for the optional AC adapter in about 4 days of alkaline battery use.) The Roland adapter is recommended, and worth the extra 30 bucks. FWIW, I am primarily a guitar player. But I'm liking the 4 fat strings much better now that I have added the ME-50B to the gadget collection, and switched to flat-wound strings, of course.
Music background: 40 years in/out of bands, studio work, etc.

Sweetwater Advice

Daniel Fisher

One of the most overlooked features of the BOSS ME-50B (and ME-50 for guitar) is that it can be battery powered! While there are a number of fine battery-powered multi-effect units out there, few of them can boast 'one knob for every parameter.' If you like BOSS pedals (and so many pros do) you'll find that this pedal delivers the same tones and effects as the single pedals it's replacing, but now you can save the settings as presets and use it on the streets, with a wireless on the balcony, or even through your car stereo. (Please pull over first.)
See also: Bass Effects, Boss, Boss Bass Guitar Pedals & Effects