JDK Audio V12 Compressor

500 Series Single-channel Compressor Module, with Thrust Circuit, Switchable Hard/Soft Knee Modes, and Support for Stereo-link Operation
JDK Audio V12 Compressor image 1
JDK Audio V12 Compressor image 1
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JDK Audio V12 Compressor
Special Order

You'll Be Glad This Compressor is in Your Rack

The JDK V12 500 Series compressor is a top-notch addition to your 500 Series rack. Packing JDK's patented Thrust circuit, you can tame dynamics while maintaining the high-frequency content that can be lost when you're really crushing your signals. It'll add some serious girth to any signal, but back off a bit and you'll get clean and smooth compression. Switchable hard/soft knee modes expand the V12's flexibility. And because two of them can be stereo linked, get two and add powerful-sounding bus compression to your 500 Series rack with the JDK V12 compressor.

JDK V12 500 Series Compressor Module at a Glance:
  • Patented Thrust circuit maintains your signal's integrity
  • Straightforward compression, with enough flexibility to be a studio workhorse
  • Built to last
Patented Thrust circuit maintains your signal's integrity

The Thrust control on the JDK V12 keeps the high-frequency content of your signal alive, even during heavy compression. Hey, sometimes you only get the right vibe out of a track when it's hitting your compressor extremely hard, but that can also start shaving off your high-end tone. Switch the Thrust control on, and you can crush your snare drum without losing presence and impact.

Straightforward compression, with enough flexibility to be a studio workhorse

You'll dial in the JDK V12 compressor with just threshold, ratio, and make-up gain controls - you can get a great sound out of it in your sleep. But thanks to hard/soft knee modes, and stereo-linkable operation (buy two!), you've got enough flexibility with the V12 compressor for it to be a serious contender for virtually any tracking or mixing task.

Built to last

Since the late '60s, API (Automated Processes, Inc.) has built some of the most reliable - and fantastic sounding - audio gear for professional use. Over the years, API engineers occasionally came up with ideas that just didn't fit in directly with the rest of the API line, and thus JDK was created. JDK gear is developed and engineered by API, with a sonic character all its own. Even if you're a mobile engineer that puts your gear at risk daily, you can count on the robust design of the JDK V12 compressor module.

JDK V12 500 Series Single-channel Compressor Module Features:
  • High-quality single-channel compressor module for 500 Series chassis
  • Conforms to API's 500 Series format, and is a member of API's VPR Alliance
  • Switchable hard/soft knee compression adds sonic flexibility
  • Simple control set means you can dial in a great sound fast
  • Two can be linked for stereo operation with true RMS power summing

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Additional Media

500 Series Buying Guide
V12 User Manual

Tech Specs

Number of Channels 1
Controls Threshold, Ratio, Gain
Threshold -40 dBu to 15 dBu
Ratio 1:1 to 10:1
Frequency Response 20Hz-50kHz
Height 5.25"
Depth 7"
Width 1.5"
Weight 1 lb.
Manufacturer Part Number V12

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Just what I was looking for in a compressor

After becoming a huge fan of my R24 I was anxious to check out the V12. I'm extremely impressed with how well the V12 handles dynamics. When I first used it on a vocal I had to make sure it was not bypassed because I was getting 9-10db of gain reduction but not hearing any compression. I like how it doesn't soften the signal like an opto compressor does. With a nice amount of gain reduction it can still stay in your face while holding things in place. Perhaps my favorite feature is the soft and hard knee option. Two completely different characteristics so its like having two compressors in one. The soft knee is great for compressing the whole signal, and hard knee is great for when I just want to catch the peaks. I bought this to use on vocals but have found myself using it on mono sources in a drum bus like kick and snare, and on bass guitar and bass synths as well. Also the detented knobs were a pleasant surprise. Recalls have been painless.
Music background: mixing and recording engineer


The JDK V12 really sounds great on my Kick and Bass. It allows clarity in the signal so that the kick and bass sit in the mix.
Music background: Musician, Composer, Arranger, Recording Engineer
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