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Blackstar ID:Core 100 - 100-watt 2x10" Stereo Combo with FX Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Blackstar ID:Core 100 - 100-watt 2x10" Stereo Combo with FX?

Questions about the Blackstar ID:Core 100 - 100-watt 2x10" Stereo Combo with FX?

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  • from Texas May 11, 2017

    Blackstar id core 100

    Can't believe all the great sounds and power out of this amp

  • from Abita Springs, LA April 5, 2017

    Blackstar ID: Score 100

    Tried a more entry level practice amp from a reputable British maker with modest wattage and 8 inch speaker. Dynamic range suffered accordingly and more than modestly. This amp is a different story. It may be more than twice the price but it provides my rosewood the quality assurance of reproduction to meet or exceed my expectations. The Boss 2x12 was a contender for the purchase (out of the park amp for bang for the buck); however, ID Core 100 baseball hits the out field wall - still a home run for my use at home and savings. ID Core 150 or Boss 2x12 would be better fit for bar and grill encounters.

  • from Los Angeles CA January 30, 2017

    Great Features and Ease of Use

    This amp is perfect for my use. The built in effects are much better than some pedals I have used for the same effect (reverb, delay). It also works well with pedals that I use before inputting into the amp. Though a lot of patches are available via the amp itself the additional foot switch is a must! You can access all 36 patches and more via the 5 button switch connected to the included 2 switch button it comes with. I currently use 3 switches for patch selection, delay on/off, delay tamp tempo, reverb on/off and the last one I alter from mod on/off to all effects on/off. I normally run it at about 60% volume and its plenty loud especially when using volume pedals or boosts. For this price I could not have purchased a better amp.

  • from Houston, TX November 17, 2016

    Very Fun, Versitile amp

    I've been very excited about this amp for months, and i finally got it! Instantly plugged it in and jammed! This amp blew my expectations! The stereo speakers really capture a 3D sound. The built in effects are really good, and are easy to adjust, and you can apply more than one effect at a time. The octaver effect is very cool, you can make a 12-string effect happen, and you can turn your guitar into a bass guitar! then the included looper switch.. That's where the magic happens. you can do infinite loops. you can apply your octaver effect to your looper to have a bass line, which is really cool. the looper is a great songwriting tool! the switch is easy to use, with only having 2 buttons. the voicings are very good, and the EQ on the amp is very good, and i love the ISF control. Thank you Sweetwater for shipping it out quick and safely!

  • from Northern California July 27, 2016Music Background:
    Former Pro Studio Owner, Intermediate Player


    I've owned an ID:Core-20 since they came out with this award winning series, and have loved every minute of it's use. I pre-ordered this ID:Core 100W 2X10" and have waited for it like a kid waits for Christmas. I've had this now for 22 hours & 17 minutes, and had to break away from playing it to tell everyone who might be wondering, what a great, affordable amp it is! This is my latest purchase from James Masterson at Sweetwater, and as is his habit, James has taken great care of me. He is very knowledgeable and always helpful and informative. You can't do better than dealing with James Masterson!

    If you're familiar with the initial, smaller ID:Core amps, then you'll feel right at home with the new 100 & 150 models. It's just that now that "right at home" feeling has you moving into a bigger home, with all those bigger-home features. These amps include not only the obligatory bass, mid, & treble, but also bass-resonance & presence dialability. A minimum of 9 custom presets are possible through the amp alone, and can also be used as a starting point for any of the 6 amp models as well. Up to 36 presets are available through the soon-to-be available FS-12, 5-way footswitch, which is daisy-chainable with the included 2-way FS-13 footswitch. All ID:Core amps & footswitches support a wealth of customization & recording through USB. The built-in looper sounds fantastic. And the built-in octaver that's included in the effects section is very trippy, and a real treat that I'm sure I'll be exploring as long as I live. Incredible tonal possibilities lurk within that octaver, from the sublime to the outrageous. Just scratching the Octaver's surface, I had my Strat sounding like an organ/guitar! It's very easy to get great tone out this amp. And you haven't lived until you've heard the award-winning Stereo-Wide effect in the delay section! Team Blackstar really puts a lot of thought into their designs, and their quality control is excellent. Call James Masterson, and he'll fix you right up. Thanks James! ...signed, The Little Kid At Christmas

  • from Peru, NY June 21, 2017Music Background:
    Trumpet, Guitar

    Perfect practice amp for my needs......

    I am so impressed with this amp after having used it at just a few band practices. I no longer use many of my stomp pedals such as my Boss BD2 Blues Driver, CH1 Chorus, Delay, and Tremolo pedals with this amp!!! I get great tones that are built right in....including reverbs. Great tone from the 2x10" speakers and plenty of power/volume to compete with acoustic drums, etc. I highly recommend this amp and would have given a 5star rating but left room for their next generation of this amp......oh, BTW...the looper is also a bonus for practicing and easy to use!! The amp is quite affordable and Sweetwater was great to work with as well.

  • from Omaha February 20, 2017Music Background:
    15 years jazz trumpet, 8 years piano and 5 on guitar

    Love the stereo sound

    Picked this up as my first real amp and it is doing the job just fine. The wide stereo sounds three dimensional and really opens up in certain settings. Occasionally, depending on setting and pedals used, it breaks up just a tiny bit which is annoying, otherwise I would have given it 5 stars. All around a great value.

Questions about the Blackstar ID:Core 100 - 100-watt 2x10" Stereo Combo with FX?

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