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Fender Hot Rod Deville 410 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from Southeast, Wisconsin August 2, 2010Music Background:
    40 year Strat player


    I would not have believed it if I had'nt heared it for myself. This amp can really sing. I have three top name amp heads with 4x12 cabs and a fleet of pedals and effects. I have spent uncountable hours trying to dial in the tone in my head. I bought this 4x10 Deville and fired it up and was amazed at how the cleans sing and the drive screams. I will keep the other amps for diversity, but this Fender is my main machine.

  • from west grove, PA December 25, 2008Music Background:
    hobbyist and awesome blues artist

    the best ever!

    this amp is totally awesome it sounds so warm and fat on clean and on drive it just soars. it sounds best for blues and you can get this nice vintage drive for soloing and its plenty loud considerig the knobs go to 12! its a great vintage blues amp

  • from L.A. August 15, 2008Music Background:
    guitarist at large

    best amp ever

    i've played for 25+ years and i played through the deville410 for the first time in may of this year. sold my marshall sold my peavey and both cabinets. this deville is the best sounding, most versatile, and the most convenient amp i've ever played. the greatest and most powerful sound i can imagine. if you play a les paul, you're doing it an unjustice by not using this amp. i've played humbuckers my whole life, and i'm not ashamed to admit it, but i have seriously been blowing it playing anything else!!!!!!

  • from NJ August 10, 2008Music Background:

    fender deville 410

    I play a les paul ,strat,gretsch archtop, and a few tele's and this amp truly brings out the best of each guitar.
    A better and more versatile amp for the money you cannot buy!

  • from Marshall Texas April 25, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The Hot Rod

    I bought my Hot Rod Deville five years ago and it's the best amp I've ever owned.It's plenty of power and sounds great.Everything about the amp is great I have owend alot of amps but the Hot Rod Deville 410 is the only one thats ever given me the sound I want.Thanks for a great product!!
    Eddie Wilson
    The Wilson/Howell Band

  • from Muncie IN. USA March 24, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician, and Sessions Guitarist

    This Amp Rules

    I've played Professionally for over 20 years, Ive owned every make and type of tube amp you can name, and for the money, the Deville 4x10 sounds as good and is even more versatile then amps i've payed ALOT more money for. No its not a Matchless, a Bogner, a Dumble, or a Bad Cat, but for the money,its the nicest sounding, most versatile amp I've ever owned, beautiful Clean tones with reverb, and all the gain for overdrive you need, I've been gigging with the same amp for over 5 years now, and its still got the original Groove Tubes in it, and they still sound great, if your looking for a kick butt amp, that you can play any type of music through and pull off the sound you want, the Fender Hot Rod Deville-4x10 is your amp, the 59 bassman is a legend for a reason, and that same sound, and the same speaker configuration is in this amp, try one out, you'll love it.

  • from Studio City CA, USA February 19, 2008

    Hot Rod Deville 410

    I am a full time pro guitarist rock blues country rockabilly I have used just about everything;I play in stereo I have tested amps for 35 years ;for me call me crazy but one hot rod deville 410 one tweed bassmen in stereo through thepedal board is the bomb but what the hell do i know? Peace, Deniel Edwards

  • from Marylands lower Eastern Shore May 5, 2009Music Background:
    46 years waitin on da Big Bus... Lil' pay but Big tips & drinks, Lifer...

    What a Tank...

    At first glance... Smokin'... First listen too... But Boy oh Boy... On stage this thing is just 100% terrible soundin'... And the first one I sent back... This is the 2nd one & I really thought the very stiff & boxy tone would have diminished by now... 200hrs, a bunch of different tube combination's, even tossed 4 Weber Alnico 10's at it... Nothin' seemed to help this poor thing... It's just not worth the effort it takes to move it around... Now I've gone & bought a Super Sonic... Now there's a GREAT sounding package... Plus, it's not hard on the back.

  • from Covington, GA USA August 1, 2005

    Hot-Rod Deville 4x10 with Humbuckers = HEAVEN

    I had a very flexible budget, so I didn't opt for the deville series for financial reasons - it blew the twins, vibroverbs, supers, etc. out of the water. Best clean I've ever heard - it's FAT and warm instead of crazy bright - and it handles clean much higher than anything except the twin reverb, and I still feel this one has WAY more "oomph" and bloom. Maybe if I played a strat I'd feel different, but if you play humbuckers, save yourself the hunt - get one of these, a decent overdrive pedal to puch that glorious clean channel over the top, and watch out.

    Also, incredible for jazz. I know some dig that solid state jazz sound, but guys... this thing is AMAZING!

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