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ESP LTD B Bass Form Fitting Case Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the ESP LTD B Bass Form Fitting Case?

Questions about the ESP LTD B Bass Form Fitting Case?

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  • from San Jose, CA December 16, 2016

    Fits my LTD/ESP B-5 Bass perfectly

    I needed a good case for my bass guitar for traveling. This case is a very nice case and the ESP LTD D-5 bass guitar I have fits perfectly - snug. There's plenty of space for storage inside the case too. The outside of the case looks quit nice too.

  • from Roseville ca August 31, 2016Music Background:
    Bass player


    At the beginning it seem a little tight but It's perfect

  • from Wisconsin July 8, 2016Music Background:
    Self taught and loving it for 20+ years.

    Fits Like a glove

    NICE case for the $$$. Edges built up with white binding. Looks nicer in person then expected. My LTD-B4E fits like a glove, no slack. Built in holder is big enough to hold my 3 1/2" wide strap, with still room for more (picks,tuner,cable). If you have an ESP LTD Bass, get it a case, worth the $$$

  • from Detroit, MI June 5, 2014Music Background:
    Semi pro musician & student

    ESP LTD B Bass Hardshell Case

    A very well made & sturdy case. My only minor complaint? The case I received was slightly blemished. 1 side of it was discolored (bottom) & didn't quite match the topside. Evidently a production flaw. Also had some small nicks & "dings" around topside handle & latches. However, none of this affects the case structure. But if you order 1, be sure to check it out carefully when it arrives. Norb B. has been great every time I've done business with Sweetwater. Received a price adjustment as fair compensation for the blemishes. Sweetwater rapidly becoming my favorite music spot, & I do business w/ several stores. Case is a bit hefty, even more so w/ a 9 lb. bass in it, but offers excellent protection. God forbid, but I believe this case can take a lot of abuse & will give its life to guard your instrument! Inside is well lined & plush w/ large cargo box for strings & accessories. It fits my LTD D-4 like a fine pair of gloves. Highly recommended. Special shout out to Norb. B & crew at Sweetwater Music, you're the greatest!

  • from December 17, 2013

    ESP LTD B Bass Case

    Very nice, standard guitar case, logo is cool. LTD 5 string bass fits nice and snug. Perfect for my light use, not sure how it would hold up to constant use/touring.

  • from IL. May 12, 2015Music Background:

    Great Case

    I bought this case to protect my ESP LTD B-50 Bass. Its form fitted tight. Don't have to worry about your guitar moving around in this case. The only thing is the case by its self has some weight to it. Add the bass and now even heavier. Its not something I move around a lot. The case its self looks ok. I can see in time or with heavy use that the vinyl will where out. Its also not a sealed case. There is no inner locking lip around the edge to make a seal. The hardware on the case could be a little better. They could have added some outer corner protectors to the case. They put 4 latches on one side, but 3 hinges on the other. Also, it looks that they used tacks to hold half of the hardware and a few screws. Even locked someone could take a screw driver and unscrew the hinges to get in.

  • from May 9, 2016

    Solid at first....

    I figured I'd help you fellow ESP bassists out. Okay, so techically, I had the E-II bass case, which came with my now-discontinued Japanese E-II J-5, and it's the same case, just a slightly different interior mold. It's a nice case, if the handle doesn't break off. I had mine for not even a week, and the handle totally broke off, letting my case slam to the ground. Luckily, my bass was protected, but the situation was SLIGHTLY awkward when this happened in front of a bunch of people at a casino gig...not fun.

    Word to the wise--I hope Sweetwater can replace yours no problem if it breaks, because I took the unwise route, after the return period, pulling teeth to get a new case directly from ESP. Don't waste time if yours does indeed break...CALL SWEETWATER! ESP told me from different fronts that they don't warranty their cases. What??? The exact case that goes out with their high-dollar basses isn't warrantied?? My dealer had to really give ESP hell, and then they finally shipped me out a replacement. I have since bought a Gator Pro-Go bag, and won't use anything else...my ESP hardshell now sits behind my couch.

Questions about the ESP LTD B Bass Form Fitting Case?

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