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Taylor 710ce Dreadnought - Cutaway, Electronics, Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • from Cape Cod February 24, 2011Music Background:
    Wandering Gypsy of Art and Tone (Musician and Composer on the side)

    Is there any other Taylor?!

    I spent the last 3 years studying tones, wood, various construction techniques, Luthiers, and in general the art and love that has gone into sculpting the sound and form of what we now know as "Guitar".

    That being said, this was quickly followed by the endeavor and quest to find the guitar worthy of all my 6-string academia. This trek led me to in the end trying everything from Larrivee, to Cole Clark, to Santa Cruz, to Andrew White, to driving all the way to Banff Canada for a Takamine "Storm" 2007 Ltd, etc. etc. etc.

    Then one day a buddy mentioned that the guy that made the hunting bows he uses "Mathews" started making guitars and that they were supposed to be pretty good. Well my thought was stick to hunting ol pal and let me worry about my studio.

    Well "Matthew's" last name happens to be McPherson.. Matt McPherson. So a 2 hour drive to Missoula and one strum later this picker-n-grinner was ruined... sold all my other guitars for this pearl of higher price, and to this day can still say whole heartedly that McPherson is making the the best sounding, most diligently crafted, and innovative acoustic out there. Plus having visited their factory can tell you they are a great crew dedicated to their customers and their craft (and in that order).

    But this is a Taylor review right? Certainly is! I have always been a Taylor fan, but to be honest did not really like the tone of their guitars that much, at least not in the price ranges I could touch. I tried every guitar in their line.. I had thought. As much as I love McPherson's, they are worth my car and I'll rarely, if ever, take it out of my studio (until I become a household name that is).

    I started looking for a gig-able acoustic that was similar enough in tone to the Redwood/Rosewood Mcpherson so I wouldn't have to completely modify all my live/studio effects etc. I honestly was not planning on getting a Taylor until I strummed the 710ce....

    The 710ce has that great balance that most Spruce/Rosewood combos do, but the dreadnaught brings out the bottom end that many Taylors seem to lack in the 12 and 14 models within their respective series. This balance with the phenomenal quality control, construction precision, and company support that has always attracted me to Taylor, made this a no-brainer worthy of my wallets action.

    So, to make a long story longer, the Taylor 710ce, is every bit as rewarding in it's playability and tone as my McPherson, even though my McPherson is certainly manufactured at a tier above this guitar. So to honestly A/B the" extras" of these two guitars really isn't fair, nor this reviewers intention. I needed a lower priced guitar that would not sacrifice the tone and precision of my studio "boutique" guitar nor hinder my performance with it's lack of craftsmanship or preamp, this Taylors form and function fit the bill.

    Last and final words. "The Taylor 710ce, is there any other Taylor?!"


  • from Orlando, FL October 12, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    My preferred recording acoustic

    I use my 710 as a secondary live guitar to my main acoustic, the 714ce. It responds well to aggressive strumming, alternate tunings and whatever else I need it to do, but still sounds wonderfully balanced. However in recording, it has become my main acoustic. The expression system sounds big and natural, and just like the guitar itself, it's bright but not tinny, and deep but not boomy. Just as it should be.

  • from February 1, 2005


    I was looking at some guitars at a music store and decided to drool over the Taylors. The 710CE electric/acoustic is amazing. It has a very natural feel and tone and an incredibly solid sound. It's not the most visually attractive Taylor I've seen, but it has outplayed every higher end acoustic guitar I've ever had the fortune to play.
    The amplification is impressive. It can put a lot more power into your playing with the right amp while staying fairly true to the guitar's sound. The knobs are very discreet, which is also a plus.
    I spent a long time with this beauty, and if I had the $3,000 dollars, I'd buy it in 4 seconds. Of course, you don't need me to tell you that this Taylor is good...
    I'm in love!

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