Taylor 614ce - Brown Sugar Stain

6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Torrefied Sitka Spruce Top, Figured Maple Back and Sides, Maple Neck, and ES2 Electronics - Natural
Taylor 614ce - Brown Sugar Stain image 1
Taylor 614ce - Brown Sugar Stain image 1
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Taylor 614ce - Brown Sugar Stain
In Stock!

A Grand Auditorium Acoustic-electric Guitar in Maple

If you're looking for warm, rich tone, Taylor's 614ce acoustic-electric guitar is an excellent choice. With a 614ce, you get the combination of a gorgeous solid, torrefied Sitka spruce top and a back and sides made of beautiful Big Leaf maple. Even unplugged, the 614ce gives you a bright and chiming tone, and thanks to its onboard Taylor Expression System 2 electronics, it also sounds fantastic when you plug in. A Grand Auditorium body style perfectly compliments the selection of tonewoods, adding powerful projection and a natural treble emphasis to the Taylor 614ce acoustic-electric guitar.

Taylor 614ce Acoustic-electric Guitar at a Glance:
  • A richer, more vibrant voice than ever before thanks to customized bracing
  • Grand Auditorium body style gives you exceptional presence
  • Taylor Expression System 2 electronics deliver superior sound onstage
A richer, more vibrant voice than ever before thanks to customized bracing

You'll notice that the Taylor 614ce boasts exceptionally vibrant tones with a unique character. Taylor went back to the drawing board and redesigned their bracing patterns, to get the optimum response out of each of their iconic body shapes. Taylor even added side bracing to add rigidity to the sides and enhance top and back movement. In the words of luthier Andy Powers, the updated Advanced Performance bracing pattern gives the updated 614ce a "nice, cushy swell and long sustain, even with a delicate touch."

Grand Auditorium body style gives you exceptional presence

Taylor's beloved Grand Auditorium body style, featured on the 614ce, employs the width and depth of the Dreadnought. But, its waist is narrower, which gives Grand Auditorium bodied acoustic guitars a sleeker look, with more treble zing. The 614ce's Grand Auditorium body style also helps to sharpen the definition of each note. Ultimately, from fingerpicking to medium strumming, the Grand Auditorium is a great body choice for nearly every playing style. At Sweetwater we love expressive and toneful acoustic guitars, and the Taylor 614ce acoustic-electric definitely fits that bill.

Taylor Expression System 2 electronics deliver superior sound onstage

If you play plugged in, then you're going to love the Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics built into your 614ce acoustic-electric guitar. The key to this fantastic system is the 3-section proprietary pickup located behind the saddle. Because of where it's positioned and how it's integrated into the Taylor 614ce's saddle, the ES2 pickup provides you with remarkably clear and accurate sound. In addition to a master volume control, a pair of tone controls let you tweak your highs and lows to get the sound you need, and a discreet phase switch offers vital onboard feedback suppression.

Taylor 614ce Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:
  • An extra-bright acoustic-electric guitar that's great for a wide range of playing styles
  • Classic dreadnought tone with crisp highs and powerful lows, thanks to customized Advanced Performance bracing pattern
  • Grand Auditorium body style gives you a dreadnought-esk projection with a more expressive upper register
  • Torrefied Sitka spruce top provides a light and expressive sound
  • Maple back and sides add chiming brightness to your sound
  • Onboard Taylor Expression System 2 electronics give you natural sound even when plugged in live
  • Includes hardshell case
If you're looking for an acoustic-electric guitar with extra bite, then the Taylor 614ce is just what you need!

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Tech Specs

Series 600
String Type Steel
Number of Strings 6
Body Shape Grand Auditorium
Body Style Single Cutaway
Left-/Right-handed Right-handed
Color Natural
Finish Gloss
Top Wood Torrefied Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides Wood Figured Maple
Body Bracing Advanced Performance Bracing
Binding Ebony
Neck Wood Maple
Fingerboard Material Ebony
Fingerboard Inlay Wings
Number of Frets 20
Scale Length 25.5"
Tuning Machines Taylor Nickel
Nut/Saddle Material Tusq Nut/Micarta Saddle
Nut Width 1.75"
Body Length 20"
Body Width 16"
Body Depth 4.625"
Electronics Expression System 2
Strings Elixir Phosphor Bronze HD Light
Case Included Hardshell
Manufacturer Part Number 614ce

Customer Reviews

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Unbelievable Balance

First, let me say that I'm really impressed with Sweetwater. This is the second guitar I've purchased from those guys and both I literally opened the box and started playing, that's not an exaggeration. Like most folks I'm always a little leary of mail ordering guitars -- what if it doesn't "feel" right, what if the tone isn't there, where if I don't like the way my hand slides across the neck? Yeah, there's probably another 20 "what if" questions I could add and I had them all. So, before I ordered I called and asked! So, the Taylor -- I'd played a LOT of acoustics recently, everything from Martin to Gibson to Taylor and I kept coming back to the Taylor. Then I had to decide on a shape and the Grand Auditorium just kept coming up as my favorite. I like to strum, I like to finger-pick, I like to play softly and have ALL the notes articulated, and I like to plug in occasionally. The GA fit all those demands. Then I ran through the models -- a 114ce, a 214ce, the 414ce and even the 814ce. Price was a big part of the decision (obviously), but I never like having it dictate my wish list. Price will eventually dictate the purchase but my wish list can stay open for years. I was in no hurry to buy so I waited it out, played various guitars almost every week for probably about a year. After weighing all the pro's and con's, I had almost decided on the 414ce but the display models were a little too played out if you know what I mean. Again, not in a hurry so I waited a few months playing a few other 414ce's, again close but just not perfect. One or two video reviews pushed me over the edge one day and I decided I'd take a chance on the 614ce. And I didn't have a chance to play a 614ce which I'm sure sounds odd, so you could say I took a chance based solely on a multitude of online forums, reviews and videos. Well, that and playing most of the same Taylor line-up -- none of those were too disappointing. I couldn't have been more pleased! This guitar plays and sounds like a dream -- honestly I can't begin to put into words the balance I hear between warm and soft notes, between the high strings and the lows, the balance of what could be "boomy" chords vs. those focused on higher frequencies -- it's unreal. The resonating notes flow out of the guitar as smooth as butter. I can't say that I've heard a better sounding acoustic guitar, even the 814ce. Now, everybody is biased towards their own guitar, and I'm sure I am too, but I haven't heard such balance from ANY other acoustic. To me, the Martin's were phenomenal but lacked the sustained, resonating notes. The Gibson models were a little too boomy and didn't offer balanced upper frequencies. The Taylor I felt held it's ground in both areas -- able to cut through a loud room mix unplugged while at the same time offering a sweet, warm tone in the quietest setting. I think that's the most impressive feature to me -- the sheer balance no matter what style of music I choose to play on any particular day. I'd rather mic up a guitar most any day but the electronics seem to capture the same qualities I like in the tone. I'm still experimenting with the best EQ while amplified but I don't find the balance affected at all. I'd be interested to hear how others are using their 614ce -- guitar and amp, guitar into PA, mic only, some other combination? The one negative if I had to give it one -- I'd prefer an on-board tuner / LED, but what a joke of a negative. I'm a guy that can fall into a "buyer's remorse" occasionally so it was on my mind during the entire return period -- what if I just THINK it sounds this good. I need to do an A/B within the same room with various guitars. Yeah, that's just the Type A in me. But, one Saturday I had a chance to play a good 3 hours before lunch. I had some appointments downtown then on the way home I decided to do the unthinkable -- stop in a local music store and see if the hype is just in my head. I went right over to one of my favorite 414ce floor models, one that I'd come SO close to buying several times before. I sat down in the same room with the same pick and starting running through my same set of songs, arpeggios, chords and notes. Hmmm, could it be? I was identifying a few shortcomings in the tone I'd grown to love. This is the SAME sound that I'd fell in love with months ago, the SAME guitar in fact. It wasn't bad, it wasn't lacking TONE or BALANCE or warm acoustic SOUND -- but it also was NOTHING like that of my 614ce. Talk about knocking over any thoughts of "buyer's remorse". I didn't have to play anything else -- after all, that Taylor 414ce had already been my favorite among all the other acoustics that I'd played. Yet it wasn't even competing with the 614ce (and that was even in a controlled environment!). Price matters of course, and if I'd have bought the 414ce, I'm sure I'd have been more than satisfied. To me it played and sounded better than any I'd found. But I knew then and there that not only had I made the right choice in manufacturers, I'd made the right choice in the model. I wish I had the right English words to convey the balanced tone that I've experienced with this thing. As you guys know, guitar tones don't really have words in any language other than music -- we can try using words like sweet, buttery, balanced, warm -- but they just don't convey true tone. But hopefully this review helps those of you considering the Taylor 614ce. I recommend playing one of these for yourself, do your own A/B comparison and see what you think. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again Sweetwater!
Music background: Amateur enthusiast


Excellent guitar. Had a Fender and just bought this, wow can't believe the difference

Taylor 414ce

As all things go, first impressions really are everything. As a woodworker myself, I look for quality in both the aesthetic and the craftsmanship and this guitar excels in both. I own a 414ce already and have grown to love the tone and clarity. I really expected subtle differences between the 414 and the 614 but I was wrong there. The differences are significant in looks and tone. The quality of the finish on this guitar really puts it a category like no other. The bookmatching of the grain is incredible which really comes down to the wood choice by Taylor and the incredible attention to detail. The looks are only the beginning. The intonation is fantastic. The tone is a little brighter than the 414 but the projection is noticeably more. Every detail of this guitar has had attention. Harmonics are punchy. Chords blend do well with each note. No individual strings produces any over bearing sounds. It's a well built, well engineered guitar and maple despite its reputation makes an incredible tonewood.A great guitar!I also want to mention that the packaging for shipping was done really well and the guitar was well protected.
Music background: 20+ years experience

Taylor 616ce

I have used Sweetwater to purchase several guitars over the past couple of years including a Martin 000-18GE and a Taylor 712ce. I was interested in getting the 616ce after I heard so much about it and sadly, Sweetwater did not have any in stock so I purchased from another online retailer this time but I had to submit a review for it as it is in a word...phenomenal. I have been playing guitar for over 30 years and have played many different brands...this guitar has all the qualities that I look for in a guitar...depth of tone, amazing resonance, equality across the fretboard in treble to bass...unplugged it is full and beautiful. Plugged in with the new ES2 system it is inspiring to play. Andy Powers knocked this one out of the park. And it is also one of the most beautfull guitars I have seen and the Taylor build quality is stellar.I was one of those people who would have never considered a maple guitar but I'm telling you...you will not be disappointed!
Music background: Gigging musician

Taylor 614 CE

I just received my new 614 ce. I play fingerstyle exclusively and have stayed away from maple because of its legendary brassiness and poor sustain. But that all changed with this "Powers" edition. There is PLENTY of sustain and any "brassiness" that remains can be controlled with technique: the treble has quite a bit more horsepower (More than what? I own a GA4, a 712 ce 12 fret and a couple of GS Minis). I don't have to work as hard when I want volume and dynamics are easier to execute. But I discovered that finger strumming can sound inarticulate or harsh if not controlled. My other guitars are either more forgiving or better at masking imprecision. What I was NOT prepared for was the absolutely solid and deeply resonant bass. It's a sound you can hear and feel against your body. I didn't think anything could beat the 12 fret's bass response (the sound hole is moved forward on that instrument) but WOW!Finally, the percussive response of this guitar is stellar. I use the heel of my hand against the sound board and the side of my thumb on strings 5 & 6 to beat rhythm as I play. Maple seems to accentuate those sounds to excellent effect. So don't dismiss this guitar as as a smoke-and-mirrors effort to sell more maple. It is definitely a leap forward. My only regret is the color. Although it is a beautiful guitar, I guess I'm one of the few who actually appreciates the natural color of maple!Cheers!Bill
Music background: Artist in heart; hobbyist in art!
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