MOTU 24I/O Core System No Longer Available

PCI 24-bit/96kHz Recording Core System with 24-Channel Analog TRS I/O
Item ID: 24ioCore

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MOTU 24I/O Core System image 1

Sorry, the MOTU 24I/O Core System is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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MOTU 24I/O Core System
Special Order

24I/O Audio Interface - MOTU's Expandable Studio!

The MOTU 24I/O audio interface is the solution for those with extensive collections of external hardware and sound modules to finally do away with a mixer and streamline their DAW setups. The MOTU 24I/O provides 24 high-quality, 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs and outputs in a cost effective, single rack space package, allowing you to connect and record from 24 simultaneous analog sources. MOTU fulfills the promise of host-based hard disk recording. You can record, edit, mix process, and master multitrack recording projects entirely inside the computer with a 24I/O.

MOTU 24I/O Core at a Glance:
  • Audio interface with 24 high quality, 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs and outputs
  • Control CueMix with your iPad
  • Industry standard word clock sync I/O
  • Comes with a full-featured audio workstation software package for MacOS
  • Includes cross-platform PCI-424 card for latency-free monitoring
24 Analog Inputs and Outputs

The 24I/O Core System provides you with the 24I/O box and the PCI-424 card and Audiodesk workstation software. The 24I/O box offers 24 high quality, 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs and outputs in a cost effective, single rack space package, allowing you to connect and record from 24 simultaneous analog sources. The 24 analog I/Os are pro-grade TRS (balanced/unbalanced) connectors operating at either -10dB or +4dB. The input level can be switched via software in banks of eight inputs. CuemixDSP provides continuously variable input trim with up to 12dB boost per channel. The 24I/O's front panel serves as a dedicated meter bridge for your hard disk recording system. Audio activity for every I/O is represented by its own five-segment LED bar graph.

Control CueMix with your iPad

MOTU's CueMix FX software, the mixing software that drives the powerful routing of the 24I/O, can be controlled from your iPad. MOTU created CueMix templates for the TouchOSC controller app, giving you complete control over your 24I/O's mixing and effects processing over a Wi-Fi network. This means that when you're recording in your studio, you don't need to keep going back to your computer to adjust gain levels, change monitoring effects, or virtually anything else you rely on CueMix for.

Word Clock Sync with Master Clock Capabilities

The 24I/O audio interface provides industry standard word clock sync on a single BNC connector that can be programmed for input or output via software. When operating as a word clock input, the word connector allows the 24I/O to synchronize smoothly with today's digital audio studio. When operating as a word clock output, the word connector can be used as a master clock to drive other digital devices in your studio, such as a digital mixer.

AudioDesk Recording Software

Plus, you get AudioDesk, a full-featured audio workstation software package for MacOS with features like 24-bit recording and real-time, 32-bit effects processing. The software includes multi-track waveform editing, sample-accurate placement of audio, a complete virtual mixing environment with up to 64 stereo busses, automated mixing, graphic editing of mix automation, scrubbing, trimming, spotting, crossfades, support for third-party effects plug-ins (in the MOTU Audio System and Adobe Premier formats), unlimited digital track bouncing (including effects and automation), and much more.

Cross-platform PCI-424 Card

MOTU's PCI-424 card features a powerful DSP chip dedicated to creating a custom tailored monitor mix of up to 96 channels of 96kHz audio. Because the mixing takes place on the card itself, instead of making the round trip from the PCI bus to the host processor, the 24/I/O provides the same near-zero latency performance as today's latest digital mixers. CueMix DSP completely eliminates the buffer latency associated with monitoring on host-based systems. Because the DSP is mixing for you, your computer's CPU is free for other tasks. The PCI-424 card is fully compatible with legacy MOTU interfaces originally designed for the PCI-324 card, so you can connect any MOTU PCI interface. The 24I/O provides cross-platform compatibility with Macintosh, Windows 98SE/Me/2K/XP and all of your favorite audio software and host-based effects via WDM/ASIO/Sound Manager drivers. Or you can use the included AudioDesk workstation software for Macintosh, with 24-bit recording/editing and 32-bit mixing/processing/mastering.

The 24I/O can be purchased as an expander for an existing PCI-424-based MOTU Audio System, or as a core system, which includes the PCI-424 card and Audiodesk workstation software. Best of all, if you already own an older PCI-424-based 24I/O or other MOTU interface, your existing hardware will work with the new PCIe card!

MOTU 24/I/O Core Features:
  • 24 analog inputs/outputs with 24-bit, 96kHz converters on balanced/unbalanced 1/4" TRS connectors.
  • 16, 20 and 24-bit recording at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz.
  • ADAT sync input on PCI-424 card.
  • Word clock.
  • Includes cross-platform PCI-424 card.
The MOTU 24I/O can easily expand your audio horizons!

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