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Meet Your Sales Engineer

Robert Williams

Meet Your Sales Engineer

Robert Williams

I have a curiosity about how things work. I often think "how can this be better or different?".

I use that drive to improve and excel in order to assist our customers who want get out the sound they hear in their heads out, whether live or recorded.

In my experience before Sweetwater, I worked in the broadcast industry building and tech supporting systems for clients such as Direct TV, Comcast, XMRadio, in the US, SKYY TV in the UK and Televisa in Mexico. I also worked for Pentax Corporation in Customer Support and Sales Support.

I'm a lifelong musician and "techie" and do my best to stay on top of all the latest developments in many area. I have years of experience playing and recording both live and in the studo.

I'm online contributing to several guitar oriented forums and I've written for publications like Premier Guitar.

On a daily basis, I use my skills and experience to help my customers solve their music and audio puzzles.

How Can I Help?

As your personal contact here at Sweetwater, please let me know anytime I can offer help or advice.

(800) 222-4700 ext 1371

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