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Pros & Cons: TASCAM dp-008 and ZOOM R16?


I am really on the fence - going to buy one of these two items.
1. Which of these two units is easier to use and why?
2. Which has more tricky menu-driven tasks - and/or is it close between the two?
3. DP-008 only has on-board reverb, look like R16 has many guitar and vocal effects? That seems like a big deal to me...many sounds from your guitar or bass or vocals at your fingertips, or is it? This is pushing me toward the R16. Should it?
4. I don't have any pro-tools experience, but the R16 comes with cubase - which sounds like an added bonus - being able to play with and refine tracks on the PC?
5. The dp-0008 doesn't come with a power adaptor. Does the R16? The lack of a power adaptor seems downright dumb - and I'd want to buy one with the unit, correct? I don't want to be changing batteries often - maybe ever.
Basically - it seems to me that for $100 more, the R16 offers many more features - but I only want those features if the overall ease of recording onto the unit is not much more (or any more) complex than the dp-008.
What am I missing in my assessment? Thanks!
May 23, 2010 @08:49am

May 23, 2010 @12:54pm

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