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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Roland SRX Series

studio 51

Anyone hv all 4 Roland SRX series of expansion board?
Question about the SRX-04: What does the SRX-04 sound like? Most of the strings sounds in most modules hv more maracto but fewer legato. is that right? the emu orchestral 1 & 2 boards hv many maracto patch than legato. korg's triton, too! the motif strings patch are warmer than be4. i guess yamaha learned a lesson from others.
Question about the SRX-02: Is the piano sound good? or the ZR76 expansion board 4 Emu modules is better? or the PC2R from Kurzweil?
Question about the SRX-03: why most of the patch layer so many sounds? and i found out some patch are straight from some old Roland modules like SC880.
so, when i get the xv module later this month, which card i must hv?
August 19, 2001 @07:37pm

The roland expansion boards are amazing. You have to get the first and second. The first is the drum card and it is the best sampled drums I've heard. The second is the piano and it too is out of this world. 64 meg for one piano. That, the gigasampler and the Sweetwater Kurzweil piano cd are the best piano's I've heard, and the cool thing is, they are all different.
I can't say I've heard the other 2 very much since they just came out. I heard a bit of the string one and its pretty good. I think the Kurzweil and the yamaha sound a bit warmer but I'd want a bit more time with them.
August 21, 2001 @03:04am