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Stick with RME Multiface or not?


I've been using an original RME Multiface w/pcmcia card on my laptop for sometime(Mackie CR1604-VLZ Pro for preamp). I'm now going to put the laptop out of service and Put my ASUS P3-PH5's guts into a 3U rack case. I've been using a MOTU 8-Pre with the ASUS and I'd like to know what your opinions would be between adding the Multiface(I'd have to buy a HDSPe PCI card) or should I sell the multiface and pcmcia card and buy another 8-Pre? Or should I just stick with the single 8-Pre and sell the Multiface and use the proceeds for more outboard gear?
Just for info, I'm using Cubase SX 1.06(IIRC) and XP pro as the OS if that makes any difference.
One thing I just remembered to mention, it's my intention to get rid of my Mackie(perhaps this year yet) and replace it with a Yamaha 01V96VCM(mixer to be used for both small live gigs and for recording).
Now that I've totally twisted up this post.... any thoughts?
Muchly appreciated,
July 18, 2009 @11:39pm

KEEP IT! If you are using Mackie VLZ you won't notice the difference. Unless you are using Millennia pres or better, you won't notice. The RME has plenty of headroom for your application. Also, if you get the Yamaha digital mixer, YOU DON'T NEED AN INTERFACE. The mixer has all the AD/DA you need. Maybe there is a firewire card for it to connect it to your comp......
August 4, 2009 @12:38pm