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Creating Loops with Alesis SR-18


I play guitar but not drums.
I use an sr-18 for a church worship team, usually just for practice when a drummer doesn't show up. (Only used it once live.) I mainly just use the loops that came with the machine but most of them are in 4/4 time and I don't really like the ones that are in 3/4 time or one of the other time signatures.
As someone who doesn't play drums I find it difficult to record my own loops in the SR-18. But one of the nice things about the SR-18 is that you can record in step mode. Does anybody create drum loops written in a format that would be easy to duplicate with the step editor? Yeah, I know it is unlikely but I thought I would ask.
Here's an idea of what I'm looking for.
--------snare 1---------------snare 1----------------snare 1
--------Hi Hat 1---------------Hi Hat 1---------------Hi Hat 1
I know this example won't work but you get the idea. I want something that I can use to create a decent sounding 3/4 loop.
May 4, 2009 @03:05pm