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Who has the best orchestral sounds in a keyboard/sound module?


I am in the market for a product that will deliver excellent orchestral sounds including solo instruments in order to produce classical-type orchestrations. I'm looking to spend about $1500.
First, who has the best sounds?
Second, I am not concerned about an on-board sequencer or "groove" sounds (I'm towards the classic end). Should I get a midi controller and a dedicated sound module for orchestral instruments. Or is there a keyboard out there that has it all in one package. Again, without the excess software. I will run the composition portion from my computer.
August 3, 2002 @07:19pm

I'd take a serious look at the Kurzweil PC2Rack with the PC2ROM - great orchestral sounds! Also, an Emu sampler or a PC with giga sampler and a few orchestral sample libraries would be worth exploring. Just a few suggestions.
August 6, 2002 @12:31pm

Thanks for the lead!
I listened to some of the mp3's for the ksp8 and they are getting closer to the real thing each day!
I took a look at the pc2 as well. Is there a "higher quality" of sounds with the ksp8, or does the ksp8 just provide more selection and ability to tweek the sound?
August 7, 2002 @06:22am

I agree with Bob. Kurzweil has some of the most realistic orchestral sounds going and the PC2 sounds great!
August 7, 2002 @03:52pm

The KSP8 is the Kurzweil FX unit. Is this what your asking about or am I missing something? It certainly would add much better FX to whatever you wanted to plug into it. It's not a synth although...
August 7, 2002 @04:11pm

Sorry about that question, let me see if I can be more specific.
If you compare the sounds (for instance a solo violin) from the pc2 versus the solo violin sample from the ksp8, are they the same samples? Or do I get a higer quality sample from the ksp8 since I'm paying more?
If I understand you right, the difference between the ksp8 and the pc2 is that the ksp8 will give me the ability to add different effects to my samples, and this is where the price difference comes from...?
August 7, 2002 @05:12pm

no, the Kurzweil KSP8 is an 8 channel effects unit. It has reverbs, delay's, filters, etc etc but no samples - no sounds. If there is a sample you heard on kurzweil's website, it was only to illustrate the effects found in the KSP8. The sample (piano or otherwise) would probably be from the pc2 or the K2600 and then run into the KSP8, recorded and put on the website.
August 7, 2002 @05:17pm

Excellent! That makes total sense! I appreciate the help. Next stop is a hands on with the pc2 and back to sweetwater for the purchase.
August 7, 2002 @05:20pm

i love this guy! he says all the right things! :D
August 7, 2002 @05:23pm