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Lexicon was showing their MPX-R1, a MIDI floor remote for use with their MPX1 processor. The unit includes preset switching, and a control pedal set up to physically duplicate an old Vox wah's action.

Lexicon also put on a very impressive demo spotlighting their new Studio processing system, along with its accompanying interface boxes. The company says that several major sequencer manufacturers will be announcing support for the system by the AES show.

Line 6

Line 6 demonstrated several new modeling guitar amplifiers including the Ax150s head-only version of their successful AxSys amp ($1099), 2x12s speaker cabinets ($499), and a scaled down combo version called the "FlexTone"
Mackie HUI
Mackie HUI
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(starts at $799) which is available with a variety of speaker configurations.


Mackie was making big noise with a working version of their anxiously awaited digital mixing boards. The consoles looked very cool, and include every feature you can think of - our guess is that Mackie might sell just a FEW of these!

Elsewhere in their booth, Mackie was also showing their SR40 ($9,995) and SR56 ($12,595) large format sound reinforcement desks, as well as a fully functional version of their HUI, a mixer-like control interface for Pro Tools users. Mackie says the HUI will ship as soon as Digidesign releases version 4.1 of Pro Tools (earlier versions of PT do not support HUI).


DiO is a new digital input/output board for PC from MIDIMAN. Also from MIDIMAN is the Dman 2044, a 20-bit version of their Dman card, and the aptly named Flying Cow external A-D and D-A converter.

Monster Cable

Monster Cable now has a complete selection of audiophile quality cables for the studio, including multi-pair snakes, guitar cables, computer cables, and more.


Nord Keyboards
Nord's Modular and Lead Keyboards
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Nord's Modular system was also stirring up show attendees. A combo of computer-based graphic editing software and Nord Lead electronics allows creation of TONS of new sounds, using a wide variety of synthesis techniques. Grab a virtual patch cable and relive those old modular days (without the noise and tuning problems...)


Novation resonated the room with the new version of their Drum Module, and with the booming Super BassStation.


PreSonus has re-introduced their ACP22 compressor/limiter/gate. The unit features an improved appearance, as well as both XLR and 1/4" connectors.

RePlay Technologies

RePlay Technologies has released CDLooper, Windows software that can loop sections of audio CDs as well as slow down audio without changing pitch. Perfect for transcribing
Roland SP202
Roland's Incredible SP202
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those hyperspeed metal guitar riffs for your weekly gamelan gathering...


Roland pulled out the stops again, with a pile of new items! In the keyboard category were the A70 expandable 76-note controller ($1,495) G600 keyboard ($2,195), SP202 sampler (very hip - and only $395!), and SRJV8011 Techno card ($475). Roland was also showing their incredible V-Drums - you must check these out when you get a chance (basic kits start at $3,995). In keyboard amps, Roland had their compact and efficient KC100 amp on display ($449).

Roland has also expanded their live sound offerings with a new line of PA cabinets, including the SST-151 ($399), SST-251 ($599), and the SSW-351 ($599)

In addition to showing stomp boxes and the awesome VG-8 to guitar players, Roland had the new ME30 ($299) floormounted guitar multi-effects processors on display. The new super stompbox offers a ton of hip options at a very economical price point.


Tascam DA98
Tascam DA98
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Tascam had their complete selection of digital recorders on display, including the new DA98 8-track, DA20mkII DAT machine ($1099), and DA302 dual DAT recorder.

Speaking of digital, Tascam's eagerly awaited digital console was up and running, and looked very cool - the pressure is on in the realm of digital mixers, and with a worthy contender like the DM-8000, Tascam's not making it easy on any of their competitors! The unit is slated to be out later this year, and to carry a price under $10,000.

TC Electronics

TC Electronics was making a lot of good noise with their new G-Force guitar effects ($1,795). This one is going to be big!

There you have it; a veritable cornucopia of NAMM-isms for your perusal! We think you'll have to admit, the show offered something for just about everyone! Keep in mind that the prices quoted are all retail (or list). Your Sweetwater Sales Engineer is the person to call to find out the actual selling prices, availability and the full scoop on features and capabilities for these items. Finally, keep your eye on Sweetwater's daily inSync column for up-to-the-minute news on releases and changes in these products.

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