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Alesis M20 and Studio 12R Mixer
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Alesis was showing their new Point Source monitors, which feature dual woofers and single tweeters in each cabinet.

Also on display was the recently renamed M20 (formerly known as Meridian), a 20-bit, upgraded version of their venerable ADAT, along with CADI, its new remote. Speaking of ADATs, Alesis says they have shipped their 100,000 unit - congratulations! To celebrate, they were showing off a very cool custom chrome plated ADAT at their booth.

In addition to their full line of recorders, mixers and processors, Alesis had their diminutive NanoTracker sequencer on display. Compact and self-contained; every MIDI user needs at least one!


Apogee is close to shipping their very exciting AD-8000 8-channel A-D converter for Pro Tools, ADATs and DA88s. It looks to be the ultimate multi-channel converter!

Newly released by Apogee: Bob Clearmountain's Session Tools ($349, intro price of $289), a program designed to ease the logistics and record keeping tasks faced by a commercial studio.


BBE has released two new direct boxes, the DI10 active box, and the DI100 which adds BBE's Sonic Maximizer circuit.


Cakewalk Software now owns and is distributing Metro, a popular Mac sequencer from a few years back.
Johnson Amps
Johnson Millennium Amps
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The company says they will be upgrading the program based on customer and dealer suggestions, as well as developing other Mac products.


In addition to the new Millennium amps, Digitech had a new talkbox processor, the Guitar Talker, at the show. An electronic recreation of older, mechanical talkboxes, the Guitar Talker was pretty darn convincing to our ears!


E-mu had a variety of new items on display: An expanded version of the ESI32 called the ESI4000 ($1449), the 8710 PC Synth-On-A-Card, the E-Synth rack ($3595)
Event Darla
Event Darla PCI Audio Card
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and keyboard, the new Buchla Percussion Controller, and more!


Event says they are very close to shipping their exciting new Darla, Gina and Layla recording systems. Working systems were on display, as were event's full line of studio monitors, mics, preamps, and speaker switchers.


Fatar was showing their new line of StudioLogic controllers. Available in 61, 76, and 88 note versions, these boards offer great action, easy learning curves, and comprehensive MIDI control over just about any size rig.


Godin Guitars
Godin Solidbody Guitars
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Godin was showing their cool new line of solidbody "acoustic" nylon strings, as well as a variety of more traditional electric models - most with absolutely beautiful flamed and quilted tops.


Gore had their new Elixir line of guitar strings on display. Available for steel string acoustics, or electrics, these strings feature a super thin polymer coating that seals the string windings. This extends the string's life up to 3 times, and allows for much more consistent tone. We were impressed (plus they gave us free dental floss - perks of the job!).


Korg's Z1 ($2600) and SGProX ($2600) were generating lots of interest. The SGProX is an authentic sounding digital piano for live applications,
KRK Speakers
KRK RoKit Reference Monitors
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while the Z1 is a more flexible, polyphonic, expandable version of the company's Prophecy technology. The Z1 seems to be capable of generating just about any natural or synthetic sound, all without using a single PCM sample.


New from KRK are the RoKit reference monitors ($329), little brothers to the company's K-Rok speakers. KRK was also showing off their hot new Expose' monitors (starting at $3495).

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