Summer Namm

1997 Summer NAMM Extravaganza   
by Mitch Gallagher  

NAMM, NAMM, NAMM - the very thought of that acronym sends pains through the soles of our still-tired feet. This summer's National Association of Music Merchants show was in many ways like its predecessors: Long, loud, tiring - and full of cool new gear! Was it worth getting up at 6 a.m. to attend? Well, in our minds, the debate rages over whether ANYTHING is worth getting out of bed at 6 a.m.! No question about it though: The chance to see the latest hottest items, mingle with industry luminaries, and schmooze and be schmoozed is just too cool to pass up! Plus, there's the added benefit of experiencing some awesome musical performances both by demonstrators at show booths, and at after show concerts (perennial favorites bassist Steve Bailey and acoustic guitar acrobat Preston Reed were standouts again this year...)

Despite constant gloom and doom predictions, Summer NAMM seems to continue to grow and thrive. Sweetwater sent a contingent of 7 fast-moving representatives to Nashville for the show this year, and we know we didn't come close to covering every new item on exhibit! While we can't necessarily say that any "earth-shattering" products or technologies were exhibited, there were a significant number of important new items presented.

Lastly, if you've read my NAMM reports in the past, you'll know that this being the 90's some anti-litigation caveats must apply: Prices (where available), model names, release dates, colors, sizes, power ratings, specs, weights, specific gravities, molecular compositions, and densities are all subject to change at the whim of any number of manufacturing and distributing entities.

This year's Summer NAMM Word For The Show (every good show has to have one): Most definitely "GUITAR". If you were a picker, the show was definitely a treat. From assembly line imports to one off mega-buck custom designs, the Summer NAMM was packed with guitars, basses, amps, strings, speakers, picks and cables of virtually every description!

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