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The K2000: VAST Possibilities made super affordable
The K2000: VAST Possibilities made super affordable

   The Kurzweil K2000: It's one of the few instruments that is more powerful today than it was when it was first introduced. The reason is quite simple: The R&D team at Kurzweil designed it to be completely expandable and upgradable. Add the sampling option… more RAM… a ROM block…new sounds. The list goes on and on. Thanks to Kurzweil's proprietary Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology (or V.A.S.T.), this is a deep instrument and programmers are still discovering new capabilities that are just waiting to be explored. There's also the new K2500 with increased polyphony, bright new display, room for up to 128 megs of RAM and a great semi-weighted keyboard.

   Like many musicians, you may have been wishing for a K2000 of your own, but always found the price to be just beyond your reach. Or maybe you've been itching to upgrade your K2000 to a K2500. If so, here's great news: Because Sweetwater has just recently renewed its contract with Indiana University as part of a three-year project to place hundreds of new K2000s and K2500s into the state-of-the-art all-digital music library (the largest installation of its kind in the country), we have been removing the original instruments and replacing them with brand new units. This means we have many nearly new K2000s and K2500s on hand — instruments that we have thoroughly tested, then upgraded with brand new operating systems. And now we're offering these almost new units to our customers at prices that are so low, we can't even print them.

   Let's just say that if you have even considered adding a K2000 or upgrading to a K2500, you'd be making a terrible mistake if you didn't contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer and find out how affordable these instruments are! You will most likely never again see prices this low on these fantastic machines. Don't wait, because quantities are limited to stock on hand, and those are going fast, so call right now and you could be making great music on a Kurzweil synth within days!

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