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Don't See It Here? Just Call!

Don't See It Here? Just Call!    As you're browsing through this issue of Sweet Notes, you might be asking yourself something like: "What about that great new Fussbudget Mark IV? I don't see it mentioned here, but I've heard it's a hot item!"

   That's a fair question, and here's the deal: Due to various complex agreements with certain manufacturers (much of which only lawyers and rocket scientists really understand), we cannot mention their products here in Sweet Notes or on our Web site. These manufacturers — names you would instantly recognize as among the biggest in the industry — ask us, for a variety of reasons, not to publish specific information on their products or even mention them by name. But here's the important part: This does not mean we don't carry them!

   So how do you know whether we carry a brand or item that's not mentioned anywhere in this issue or on our Web site? Simple: Just call us and ask! Whether it's a digital mixer we haven't included in our lead story or a brand of guitar not mentioned in our Custom Select article, odds are very good that we have it in stock in our huge inventory. You can probably guess which brand names we're referring to, but if there's any doubt, please just pick up the phone and call. As always, we have the products you want at prices you can actually afford.

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