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MOTU Performer Packages

MOTU Digital Performer    Mark of the Unicorn is now shipping the latest versions of their most popular software products, Performer 6 and Digital Performer 2.3 for the Macintosh. Let's take a quick look at what's new in these best-selling programs.

   First of all, the most exciting news is that in addition to what is already a powerful sequencing package, Performer 6 now lets users to take advantage of the Mac's internal processing to allow up to eight channels of hard disk recording! Considering the fact that Performer 6 retails for just $495, this has to be considered one of the biggest bargains in all of the music world. Now you can add live guitar parts, percussion or even multiple vocal tracks to a fully-sequenced performance. Also new is the MOTU Audio System real-time effects plug-ins and the world's first MIDI plug-in format, as well as the most powerful search engine ever, allowing you to find and select data with any search criteria. There are new clipping windows (stash anything: audio, MIDI,

MOTO eVerb
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or any MacOS document), plus the ability to save and recall Unisyn "performances" (it's a virtual snapshot of your entire MIDI rig in one command).

   If you're really serious about combining sequencing with hard disk recording, then MOTU's Digital Performer 2.3 ($795 list) is what you're looking for. Reviewers are already raving about all the amazing new features, not the least of which is the company's eVerb plug-in and the ability to record up to 40 channels of audio (depending on the speed of your Power Mac). DP's incredible PureDSP time-stretching and pitch-shifting now works on stereo audio tracks, so you can faithfully preserve the stereo image when making audio slower or faster without changing its pitch, or transposing it without changing its speed!

   Digital Performer supports audio hardware from both Digidesign (like Audiomedia III and Pro Tools) and Korg (1212 I/O) and can even swap samples via SCSI with such instruments as the Kurzweil K2000 or K2500, Roland S-760 or Akai S-Series, so you can import a sample into your Mac for processing using any of the MAS-compatible plug-ins.Of course, you can do all the incredible cut, copy and paste functions that hard disk recording is so rightfully famous for, right on your Mac's color monitor. And did we mention the audio tempo adjustment feature and bounce-to-disk functions? Or crossfades with batch processing? Or virtual bussing? Or the 200 megs of free audio samples? Even tube amp simulations! Amazing!

   Hey, you really need to find out more about these MOTU software packages, so check out our Web site (www.sweetwater.com/products/motu) or call your Sales Engineer immediately for your super low pricing and additional information!

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