Sweet Notes Animation TC Electronic's Finalizer Studio Dynamics Processor

You knocked yourself out and recorded some absolutely killer tracks. So you shut off the multitrack, turn off the lights in your studio and hit the sack knowing you've really got some great-sounding material. But the next day you return, only to find that those tracks seem a little less glossy and a bit less punchy than they did last night. Have no fear, TC Electronics has exactly the creative tool you need to bring back all the sparkle and punch. It's called, appropriately enough, the Finalizer, and it's probably the only processor you'll ever need to "fix it in the mix."


Strapped across the stereo outs of your mixer, Finalizer is the absolute ultimate digital dynamics tool, adding that essential boost of energy where you need it most, in the final DAT or CDR recording. Building upon the inuitive interface of the hugely-successful M2000 (see last issue), the Finalizer is very easy to operate with its large LCD screen and one-level menu system. But it also has the unique "Wizard" function which can actually identify the best settings for any given situation, something which no other dynamics processor can offer.

The Finalizer features a three-band stereo compressor/limiter/expander with extensive control parameters, a five-band stereo parametric equalizer, a normalizer (to assure optimum signal levels onto the target medium without overloading, a critical factor in today's music), groove emulation and stereo enhancement. What's more (yes, there's plenty more), the Finalizer includes analyzer functions such as a Phase orrelation meter and a High resolution Peak meter (see photo).

With a 20-bit conversion path (and 105dB dynamic range), 16-bit dithering and HP-TDF noise-shaping tools to ensure that the optimal signal is always present at the built-in S/PDIF and AES/EBU outputs, plus a near ruler flat frequency response from 10 Hz to 20 kHz (varying by no more than an astounding 0.2dB), the Finalizer has the specs to do the job. There's even a PCMCIA interface that allows you to store up to 2 megabytes of data on a single card.

The Finalizer creates a final mix that not long ago could only have been delivered by one of the nation's largest mastering facilities: louder, punchier, groovier, hotter or colder... whatever you prefer. The price? At $2495 the Finalizer is hardly inexpensive, but when you consider that this one single unit does what it used to take a whole rack of equipment to do not long ago, you can appreciate what it will do for your next mixdown session.

You can probably guess by now what's coming next: Call your Sweetwater sales engineer for full details and your special pricing on a Finalizer for your studio.