Sweet Notes Animation Soundware Scene
By Daniel Fisher, Chief Soundware Engineer

As a Soundware Engineer, I can best remember the seasons of each year by the sounds I was working on at the time. This particular spring was marked by the String Sections we were translating from Roland S-Series format to K2000/K2500 via the new String Sections Power Translator disks.

Imagine hearing incredibly detailed 14 meg stereo string sections as controlled by V.A.S.T. and played through a great pair of monitors. These string sections have every performance technique imaginable, including pizzicato, marcato, sul ponticello, tremolo and mute, as well as a variety of dynamic levels which can be crossfaded or switched.

ULT GTRS CD 2 copy (15k)

There are also separate Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass Sections which also have all of the above performance techniques. The String Sections Power Translator gives the K2000/K2500 owner the power, variety and flexibility needed to create professional- sounding string tracks.

Now that Summer is here we're finishing up a new project, and it's a hot one! The Sweetwater Sound Ultimate Guitar CD ROM contains over 300 Meg of the most versatile guitar samples ever made, with all new recordings by Stratus Sounds and the kind of cutting edge programming you've come to expect from us here in the Sweetwater Soundware Development Facility. Owning this disc is like having your own guitar showroom! You'll have access to beautifully recorded acoustic guitars (many in stereo!) with all the top names like Takamine, Martin, Godin, Hernandez and Taylor. Each of these include distinctive knocks, slaps, scrapes, squeaks and taps that create a truly "live" performance.

Next, turn up the heat a few more degrees with our vintage Fender Stratocasters, Jaguars and Telecasters, Gibson Les Pauls and Paul Reed Smith Custom electric guitars. Or you might want to cool down with a smooth collection of Gibson ES335s, ES175s and ES-5s for those late night jazz gigs. We even got our hands on Carlos Santana's guitar of the late 1970s and early 80s, the Yamaha SG2000. For country, rockabilly or a distinctive instrumental timbre, check out the Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville samples. There's even some electric 12 strings and plenty of basses (both fretted and fretless).

This is the most comprehensive collection of guitars ever offered by any company. If you were to buy these guitars, they'd cost you a small fortune. And where would you keep them all? Let's face it, this CD ROM is smaller, lighter and you can spend all that extra money on upgrading your studio, then still have enough extra cash for a European vacation.

Now that I've finished this issue's Soundware Scene (note to editor: hey, you can stop nagging me now . . .), I can start packing for the Summer NAMM Show which will again take place in Nashville (though by the time you read this, we'll have already returned). This year we're flying to the show in a private plane. It's little things like this that make Sweetwater the coolest place on Earth for those who really love music technology (and such a first-class place to work).

If standing knee-deep in the absolute latest in musical wizardry is your idea of bliss, you too should consider joining our team. We have positions open for Sales Engineers, Sales Assistants and in the Sweetwater Soundware Development Facility where we are again ready to hire another Soundware Engineer.

We're specifically looking for someone who is experienced at creating a finished piece of soundware including the recording, sampling, editing and programming for various brands of samplers and synths. The person we select will be supplied with all the best equipment and training needed to create soundware at Sweetwater's high standards of quality. In fact, construction is about to start on our all-new state-of-the-art Soundware Rooms. This is part of a major expansion project that will also include new Recording Studios.

If you think this sounds like the type of place you'd like to call "work" and you have the skills we're looking for, send me an e-mail at "daniel_fisher@sweetwater.com", fax me at (219) 432-1758, or write to Daniel Fisher, Chief Soundware Engineer, Sweetwater Soundware Development Facility, 5335 Bass Rd., Ft.Wayne, IN 46808. Sorry, no phone calls, please, but I do want to hear from all interested parties.