Sweet Notes Animation A Killer Deal On Super Quality Panasonic Tapes

You can buy cheap tape, but why on earth would you risk your music on a recording medium of dubious quality? That would be like putting crummy tires on a brand new Porsche. Inferior tapes often have little or no quality control, which is why they're cheap. The manufacturing process involved with producing professional quality tapes (the kind your music deserves, right?) is subject to constant scrutiny and tapes that just don't meet the highest standards get recycled.

We here at Sweetwater want you to use the best tapes available for your personal recordings. And we'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the better than 100,000 customers who have helped make us America's fastest growing music retailer. So what better way to say "thank you" than to offer unheard-of pricing on the finest, premium quality Panasonic DAT and S-VHS tapes?

We are thrilled to offer you the following pricing:19 minute DAT tape (RTR19M) at just $4.50; 34 minute DAT tape (RTR34M) at just $4.70; 64 minute DAT tape (RTR64M) at only $4.95; 94 minute DAT tape (RTR94M) for $5.85; and 124 minute DAT tape (RTR124M) at $6.80. You can even purchase Panasonic's great DAT machine cleaning cassette (RT-RCLP) at a low $9.25. If you're recording on an ADAT or similar machine that uses S-VHS tape, you can get Panasonic's best DA88 S-VHS Tape at only $9.75.

These are not left-over tapes, discontinued items or factory seconds (we leave those for the other guys). Nope, these are the exact same tapes you can buy from other retailers at nearly twice the price. Call around - you simply will not find a lower price anywhere on recording tape of this quality anywhere in the country!

If you're using Hi-8mm or open reel tape, we have plenty of these in stock from all the best manufacturers at our usual super low prices. So don't waste your money or trust your music to a cheap tape. Call us today for the premium tape of your choice right now.