Sweet Notes Animation Otari DTR-8 DAT Recorder

Been thinking about adding a DAT machine to your studio? You have? Good for you. Let's face it: Cassettes will soon be a thing of the past. And why mix your ultra-clean digital tracks down to a less than optimum medium? Or even to a DAT machine of questionable quality? If you've been seriously considering a DAT recorder, seriously consider the Otari DTR-8 Digital Audio Tape Recorder. It features a premium-quality dual-head mechanism and conforms to the EIAJ conference standards for compatibility with other DAT recorders, including consumer models. Built for heavy-duty professional use, the DTR-8 has +4dBu (-10dBV switchable) active balanced analog ins and outs with XLR type connectors and has both AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O. In search mode the DTR-8 uses TOC information from tape to locate up to 300 times normal play speed. This thing sounds absolutely incredible and is built to hold up under the toughest studio conditions imaginable.

Even if we were to tell you the DTR-8 sells for $2,000, you might consider that a good price for a unit this rugged and sophisticated. But supposing it was $1795. That's even better. Now what about $1499? Wow, that's a fabulous deal for this pro quality deck. But kids, thanks to a special purchase we've made, we're blowing these incredible Otari decks out at the shocking price of just . . . Wait! The price is so low we can't even print it here! This machine has all the features you want, plus it comes with Otari's world-wide reputation for superb quality, and now it's super affordable. So don't you dare wait. There's a very limited number of these great machines in stock here at Sweetwater, so you'd better call now before they're all gone.