Sweet Notes Animation The Fostex DMT-8 Digital Hard Disk Recorder/Editor

With eight tracks of true, 16-bit, 44.1kHz CD quality recording direct to hard disk, the Fostex DMT-8 Digital Multitracker gives you all the fabulous features and advantages of non-destructive editing - like cut, copy, paste, undo and redo plus jog and shuttle controls - in one shockingly affordable package. With a list price of just $1995, the DMT-8 is the lowest priced hard disk recorder on the market today!

But with the DMT-8, you not only get all the advantages of hard disk recording, you also get a familiar, user-friendly analog in-line mixer. That's right, an 8-in/4-bus out mixer with 16 channel returns for a full 22 inputs available at mixdown. There's a separate stereo monitor out, a large 2" x 7" fluorescent display with comprehensive status indication. In short, all the flexibility and convenience you've come to expect in a mixer, without the added price tag that comes with having to buy a separate unit.

Fostex DMT-8 (17k)

The mixer's channel strip has two inputs: main and SUB. The SUB function enables monitoring of recorded tracks during a recording, or it can be used as a separate line input during mixdown. Channels 1 through 4 also have the addition of a "wide-range" trim fader for perfect mic level matching. The DMT-8's mixer even includes fully parametric equalization (Hid Mid at 1kHz­16kHz nd Low Mid at 60Hz­1kHz, each plus or minus 15dB) plus two AUX sends (dual function rotary pots enable SUB or post-fader main input to be selected as the send source).

The DMT-8 has a built-in metronome with eleven time signatures, full tempo control and MIDI clock output with Song Position Point-er. You can even locate to bars and beats in your recording. In fact, the DMT-8 is ready for total integration into your MIDI studio with MIDI Time Code output, MIDI Machine Control (you can control the transport right from your software sequencer), non-linear editing based on either MTC or MIDI clock plus "after-the-event" sync of recorded audio to sequenced MIDI using the built-in tempo map.

Of course, the biggest plus to recording with a hard drive is its random access, non-destructive editing, meaning you can cut, copy and paste parts anywhere in your composition without ever touching your original tracks.

Want to know more? Sure you do, and your Sweetwater sales engineer is standing by to fill you in on all the stuff we missed here, plus they'll give you a special low price on the DMT-8. Why wait? Hard disk recording is here now and it's more affordable than you ever thought possible.