Sweet Notes Animation dbx Project 1 Model 262 Compressor/Limiter

If you're looking for true, world-class performance, a brand name you can be proud of and a price you can afford, the dbx Project 1 Model 262 Compressor/Limiter may seem like a dream come true at a list price of just $199.95. Carrying on the classic design and construction techniques that have made dbx the standard for the pro audio industry, the 262 Compressor/Limiter uses the patented dbx VCA and RMS detector circuit to drive this outstanding processor.

dbx 262 (11k)

But the 262 is more than just affordable, it's an absolute breeze to use. With dbx's OverEasy compression, you'll get natural sounding gain control while keeping those nasty peaks and unwanted transients from ruining your entire mix. Or use it to get that cool popping sound from your guitar or bass. Or put that vocal track or voice over center stage while maintaining the integrity of your music. Want to get more from your PA without having to add a new, expensive amp? Just add a 262.

To find out more about this extremely user-friendly dynamics processor, call your Sweetwater sales engineer today for information, complete specs and your special low price on the 262 from dbx.