Sweet Notes Animation Hohner Midia Red Roaster CD Mastering Software For Your PC

You love your PC, right? Sure, millions do. What's that? You say you've also got a pretty cool studio setup? Oh, and you're thinking of producing a music CD and the cost of sending your material out to a mastering house, but it's just too costly? No problem, since we here at Sweetwater have the perfect, real-world solution for PC owners in the Hohner Midia Red Roaster mastering/writing software package for audio CDs at just $695 list.

Red Roaster

With Red Roaster, you can record your songs just like you always do, then mix your material exactly the way you want directly to your PC via Red Roaster's Samplitude CD audio editor. Use it to arrange the titles in their correct order and give them any last, finishing touches. Samplitude offers extensive editing options like cut, paste, insert, fade in/out, crossfade and normalization. What's more, the program allows up to 100 undo steps and automatic loop optimization.

Then, when you're all done, turn the material over to Red Roaster's PoINT CD audio program which allows you to operate the compatible CD recorder of your choice (purchased separately) like the great Yamaha machines we have in stock at special low prices, and finally transfer your data automatically (so you can go have a pizza) onto a recordable CD.

Red Roaster is incredibly easy to operate and offers all the tools PC owners need to burn heir own CDs. It requires an IBM (or compatible) PC 486/66 or higher, Windows 3.1 (or higher) r Windows 95, a minimum of 8 MB of RAM, a SCSI controller card and a CD recorder that supports the "Disc-at-Once" mode.

Don't give your money to a CD mastering house. Burn your own CDs with Red Roaster and your PC. Call for more information and special low Sweetwater pricing.