Sweet Notes Animation ETA Systems Power Distribution Series

Everything in your studio runs on AC power, right? You probably don't have any synths or samplers at all that use natural gas or propane. No coal-burning multitracks? Well, folks, there's power . . . and then there's power. See, the juice coming out of those little outlets stuck in your walls - the electricity that we all take for granted - is hardly the clean source of power it should be.

Surprised? Well, turns out that voltage dropouts, spikes and radio frequency interference are all common problems faced by today's musicians. And bad power can be the cause of ground loops, pops and clicks on tape, scrambled sampler memory and other nasty glitches you really could live without. In extreme cases, it can even cause irreparable damage to your equipment. This is not something made up by equipment manufacturers to scare you; this is a very real problem (much of the damaged equipment we see in our own repair facility is here as a result of power problems).

ETA power cond (14k)

Don't panic, though. The thoughtful people at ETA Systems are in business to take care of that nasty AC problem for you with no less than a dozen AC power conditioners, distributors and regulators. For nearly 20 years, ETA has developed, manufactured and sold superior quality, high amperage theatrical lighting systems. And from that knowledge has evolved their extensive line of rack mounted professional power distribution products, all of which were designed to you guessed it) protect the delicate and sensitive electronic equipment we all use in our studios or on stage.

The company's PD Conditioned Power Distribution Series easily deals with all normal AC line power fluctuations, as well as the more drastic abnormalities of the spike and surge variety. lus, filtering of airborne interferences caused by electronic and radio transmissions is routinely accomplished by these rugged, rack mount units.

The most sophisticated ETA models utilize what is now the latest state-of-the-art microprocessor technology that was designed to regulate and control AC power to constant voltage levels, with no dips or peaks. Another unique feature allows audio systems to sequence power up or down in series which further eliminates potentially damaging high levels of incoming power.

ETA actually developed the first products in the audio and sound reinforcement markets that can control electrical power with such precision. This sophisticated electronic protection is in use in countless high-end studios around the world, places where potentially destructive power problems absolutely cannot be allowed since surges, dips and spikes could ruin what might be the most perfect take (or greatest synth patch or sequencer track).

You can spend a small fortune on your studio. Does it really make sense to trust that huge investment to the whims and inconsistencies of your local power supply? If everyone in your neighborhood turns on their air conditioners at about the same time, what do you think is going to happen to that perfect vocal performance or guitar riff you were recording?

For less than $200, we can equip your studio with a professional quality PD9 Power Distribution System. For more critical applications, or where lots of regulated power is needed, we offer ETA Systems products all the way up to the PD320VS at $1500 (that's list price, of course).

Don't wait until you actually have any equipment damaged by unregulated power. Call your Sweetwater sales engineer today for great advice on which ETA System is right for your needs, along with your special low pricing on the unit that's perfect or your studio or stage rig.