Sweet Notes Animation Mackie SR40-8 Mixing Console

Mackie Designs originally announced the SR40-8 Mixing Console at the January NAMM Show in Anaheim, but in typical Mackie fashion, Greg Mackie and the engineering team continued to add features even as production was about to begin, but with the stipulation that the list price would remain at an unbelievable $8995. Of course, the Mackie folks always seem to be able to pull off such engineering feats, and the SR40-8, which will at last begin shipping in limited numbers, has an awesome list of features that's comparable to mixers costing upwards of $20,000.

Of course, part of the reason Mackie can do this is because they build mixers. No motorcycles, jet-skis or guitars. Their investment in modern world-class manufacturing technologies (like radial, axial and surface mount parts insertion machines) keeps manufacturing costs low.

MACKIE 40-8 (18k)

Equally at home at the prime house mixer in an auditorium, church or other large venue, the unit functions as a 40x8x3 sound reinforcement mixer with 4 extra stereo aux returns, 8 subgroups plus left, center and right main outs. The built-in 12x4 matrix mixer provides ccess to any combination of the 8 subgroups.

Master controls - which include Mackie's justifiably acclaimed UltraMute system - are located right in the center of the mixer, along with four full-length "aux strips." This gives you more control over aux functions (4-band EQ, pan and trim) without sacrificing space on the channel strips. Here you'll also find eight aux send masters, complete with mute and solo buttons with LEDs, eight submix buses, more aux and tape returns, plus Mackie's unique "AIR" EQ circuitry.

You might have noticed above that we mentioned UltraMute, Mackie's computerized group muting system that stores and recalls the particular mute states of the console. Imagine another live or studio board with this function built-in at this price point, not to mention things we don't have room for here like all the cool and creative things you can do with this unit's EQ controls.

Need more channels? Check out the SR56-8. But most importantly, check with your Sweetwater sales engineer for more info and your special pricing on this great board from those fun folks out in Woodinville, WA.