Sweet Notes Animation Focusrite Green Range

They don't look like any outboard processor you've ever owned. And with a name like Green Range, they might well be a geographical region rather than some of the best processors on the market. But let's start at the beginning and tell you what these interesting-looking boxes are and what they can do for you.

First off, there's the Focusrite Green 1 Dual Mic Preamplifier, a cost effective high quality Microphone Preamp package with two identical stages featuring: Mic Preamp with variable gain from +10dB to +60dB, 48V phantom power and phase reverse switches, high pass filter (at 75Hz), a mute switch with external control, and peak overload LED.

The Mic preamp circuit utilizes exceptionally quiet, low distortion amplifiers and operates with an extremely wide frequency response and clarity that you'd expect from a Focusrite module (after all, these people have been building high end processors for lots of years). The same level of engineering quality has been repeated in the output stage design: the audio output rom the module is electronically buffered from the external load, making the output stage performance independent of cable quality, length or capacitance.

A high pass filter has been added to remove rumble and microphone proximity effects before the recorded signal is committed to tape. The mute switch can also be externally triggered via a jack socket to allow the implementation of "cough" muting. This feature can also be linked to "Mic Open" fader start system if required.

You can use the Green 1 to replace any console mic pre to gain extra clarity or use it to record direct to a two-track recording medium for the ultimate in minimalist recording. Retail price for Green 1 is $1,099.


The Green 2 Focus EQ is a multi input Direct Recording Module which features a single channel with: Six stages of quality focusrite Equalization, high and low pass filter, high and low mid parametric low Shelving (with Bell switch) and high shelving (also with Bell switch)

There are three separate input stages with individual connectors for mics (balanced XLR), line level signals (balanced XLR) and instrument level signals (a balanced jack optimized for guitar. Green 2 includes a true VU response LED bargraph and output faderpeak overload LED. The Focus EQ uses the same high quality input and output stages as the Green 1, but has also been designed to interface with a wider range of input levels and impedance. The Focus EQ equalizer section is the most versatile yet designed by Focusrite with the possibility of onfiguring the EQ to operate as either two bell-shaped parametric and two shelving stages or imply to have four bell-shaped stages operating over the whole audio spectrum. The Focus EQ is a complete path to any recording medium at a retail price of just $1249.

Finally, there's the Green 3 Voicebox, the ultimate microphone signal path to any recording medium. It features a single channel with an ultra-high quality mic preamp identical to Green 1, three stages of EQ (Mid parametric with notch switch us low and high shelving), plus a multi-function dynamics section including compressor, de-esser and noise-reducing expander allowing the user to add controlled musical compression (and also to over-compress with the de-esser when excessive frequency-related level is apparent, e.g. sibilance).

The Noise Reducing Expander allows the user (in this case, you) to subtract any noise that may have been added by compression and equalization, therefore avoiding noise build-up and modulation.

The three band, ultra-high quality EQ includes both variable high and low stage filters to tilt the overall frequency response plus a special bell- shaped filter to add presence. The bell filter can also be switched to notch mode to remove any excessive frequencies caused by ocal sibilance. With an addition of a true response VU bargraph meter and output fader, the oicebox is a complete microphone path to virtually any recording medium, allowing the user to bypass their existing desk and record with greater clarity and control. Green 3 carries a retail price of $1349.

At this point, you probably have some questions, so we'd like to suggest you grab the phone and call your Sweetwater sales engineer for further information and (of course) your special low Sweetwater price on the Green Range module that makes the most sense for your specific applications.