Innovative New "Pocket MIDI Guitar"

There's little doubt about it: the Digitar (pictured below) is one unusual-looking instrument. But what it does is no less than startling! Digitar actually allows anyone with a sense of rhythm to play virtually any guitar accompaniment — without a guitar!

See, when you play the notes of a chord on a keyboard, you never get the feeling of actually strumming a guitar, nor do you actually get the true voicings of a real guitar. And, of course, you'd never be able to do authentic finger-picking. But now you can, because thanks to the Digitar's six steel "strings," you maintain the harmonic sequence of any notes you're playing on the keyboard while you pick or strum them in true guitar fashion.

To say that everyone who has tried this terrific little device was thoroughly blown away is a serious understatement. The ultra-light, pocket-sized (about 4x6 inches) Digitar can be worn like a belt. Once connected to a keyboard, Digitar "decodes" the chords coming from the keyboard (or a sequencer via MIDI) and reproduces it in perfect guitar fashion.

Actually, Digitar has two modes. In Rhythm mode, you can play a simple chord on the keyboard (let's say a C major) and have the Digitar create an ultra-realistic chord voicing identical to that which you'd get when playing that chord on a guitar. You also get the minute time delays between notes that occur when strumming or finger-picking a real guitar. The Digitar will actually play chords in any one of three neck positions.

In Lead mode, the Digitar plays back notes or chords exactly as you voice them, and playing higher on the keyboard produces the sound of notes played higher on the guitar. There are even two style modes, legato and staccato for enhanced musicality.

An assignable wrist bar will let you send program changes or access a variety of bend modes or even function as an external clock for triggering MIDI chords

Thanks to its optical (not mechanical) sensor design, Digitar will give you years and years of use, regardless of how often you play it. Moreover, it has no response time delays, is dynamically sensitive (just like a real guitar) and, with a surprisingly low list price of just $449, it's unbelievably inexpensive compared to any other MIDI guitars.

A product this revolutionary is difficult to describe in the space we have here (meaning there's lots of cool stuff we didn't even mention!). But strap one on and you'll get the idea immediately: you can finally voice and play your synth or sampler exactly as a guitar player would.

For more information and your special pricing on the amazing, affordable Digitar, call your Sweetwater sales engineer today!