New Barbetta Keyboard Amps

The all-new Sona Pro Combo series of active speakers from Barbetta Manufacturing were designed from the ground up to generate a pure, accurate sound field for totally realistic reproduction of all keyboards, samplers and synths, as well as acoustic instruments, drum sequences, vocals or live DJ performances.

All Barbetta amps in the Sona series are capable of projecting clean, high level sound in clubs, banquet halls, and even concert stages. Yet they are almost unbelievably light, ranging in weight from 32 to 45 pounds, making them easy to transport to gigs.

Each of the speakers have multiple inputs (with individual faders) for line, pickup or microphone, and each is powered by a built-in, bi-amplified power module, which makes them simple to set up and use. The Sona line begins with the Sona 22c ($749 list) with a 12-inch woofer and 3x7 inch tweeter powered by a 145 watt amplifier in a 32 pound package. The Sona 32c ($899 list) comes with a 15-inch woofer and a 3x7 inch tweeter powered by a 160 watt amp in a 41 pound enclosure.

There's even a three band EQ and dual function effects loop that can function as a standard loop or as a send/return buss. As usual, we're out of room, so call your Sweetwater sales engineer for more info and your special price on any of the new Barbetta line of active speakers