Drawmer Processors:
A Craftsman Deserves the Finest Tools

You may not immediately recognize the Drawmer name, but the company has actually been building high quality processing equipment since about 1981. The majority of this gear was earmarked for high end professional studios around the world. And truthfully, the processors this company makes are not for everyone - let's face it, how many people need a mic preamp/vacuum tube compressor that carries a list price of $2699.

Still, as Sweetwater's customers become more sophisticated, and their studios filled with equipment that's light years beyond what was available just a few short years ago, we decided it was time to offer these outstanding processors to everyone.

Let's begin with the Drawmer M500 Dynamics Processor ($2499 list). The M500 is everything you could ask for in a digitally controlled dynamics processor, with the ability to combine up to seven effects simultaneously. A different combination of effects and parameters can be assigned to each of its two channels.

The Functions (effects) include: Frequency Sensitive Noise Gate, De-Esser, Compressor, Expander, Limiter, Auto Pan and Auto Fader. There are 78 factory preset programs, plus 50 user definable programs. The unit also features comprehensive real-time MIDI control.

Harnessing the life and warmth of eight active tube stages, the Drawmer 1960 Mic Preamp/Vacuum Tube Compressor (pictured) provides the ultimate direct interface between your sound source and the recording medium. The preamp section features two ultra low noise vacuum tube mic preamps with switchable 48-volt phantom power, while the dual tube "soft knee" compression circuit delivers smooth, transparent compression with variable threshold control and switchable attack and release times, plus adjustable gain. The 1960 lists for $2699.

The DL251 Spectral Compressor ($1149 list) incorporates a variable "Dynamic Spectral Enhancement" section which can be used to restore any high frequency energy lost during full band compression process and has sufficient range to add additional "Spectral Energy" to program material for creative processing.

The DF320 Universal Noise Filter ($1249 list) is a single ended noise reduction processor designed to dramatically reduce unwanted noise regardless of its source and is invaluable for restoring degraded or poorly recorded material, as well as analog to digital mastering.

Add to this the D241 Dual Auto Compressor ($749 list), DL441 Quad Auto Compressor Limiter ($1149 list), DS201 Dual Noise Gate ($749 list) and DS404 Quad Noise Gate ($1149 list) and you've got an impressive array of dynamics processors for just about any task.

Space doesn't allow us to even begin to describe all the features of any of these exceptional units, so we can only suggest you call your Sweetwater sales engineer immediately at (219) 432-8176 and get the full story on the full Drawmer line, as well as your special pricing on these fine processors.