K2000 CD ROMs:
All the Great Sounds, Half the Calories

If you're a Kurzweil K2000 owner, odds are you know that Sweetwater Sound was the very first company anywhere to offer a comprehensive sound library for this amazing instrument (you probably even own some). Working with two of the most respected sample developers in the business, Stratus Sounds and RSI, the Sweetwater sample collection was originally introduced on 3.5" diskettes and later on 44 meg Syquest cartridges.

Of course, times have changed, and with the advent of affordable high-speed CD ROM drives, more and more musicians have come to depend upon the CD ROM method of sample storage over all others. And for good reason: a CD ROM is a nearly perfect archival medium. It's small, lightweight, dependable and holds a ton of data, none of which will ever be lost as long as reasonable care is taken when handling the discs.

Last year, Sweetwater began the time-consuming process of mastering all the samples in their massive library onto five CD ROMs. The first disc released was the much-requested Grand Piano CD ROM Collection, consisting of all eleven grand piano samples in both the Stratus Sounds and RSI libraries, including stunning 16 megabyte stereo, triple strike Young Chang and Yamaha grands and a stereo Bosendorfer Imperial Grand.

Following closely were Volumes One through Three of the Stratus Sounds library — Classical Instruments, American Standard Collection and Exotic Instruments and Synths — plus the final disc in the current series, RSI Samples on CD ROM.

All five discs in the Sweetwater Sound K2000 CD ROM library are fully compatible with the brand new Kurzweil K2500 (which should be close to shipping in very limited quantities by the time you read this). Each of the discs costs just $399, a fraction of the price this material would cost if purchased on individual floppies.

Amaze your friends! Irritate your enemies! Own the complete Sweetwater Sound K2000 CD ROM Collection and you'll have access to hundreds of megabytes of the best sounds available for the K2000 — or any other instrument for that matter! For more information on these fabulous K2000 CD ROMs, or to obtain a copy of our complete catalog of K2000 support products and peripherals (including other great CD ROMs that can be accessed by the K2000), give your Sweetwater sales engineer a call today.