Saturator Adds Analog Warmth
to Digital Tracks

First came the Stone Age. Then there was the Bronze Age. And not long ago, there was the Vinyl Age which, in geological terms, was quite short, lasting only from about the 1920s to the 1980s. Does anyone remember when our music only came on flat, round, petroleum-based products called records? Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it?

Laugh all you want, but there were a lot of good things to say about the way music got recorded back then. See, analog tape can be "oversaturated," which means you can send a hot signal to tape and it doesn't really distort, it just gets fat and warm. Digital recordings are great because they're exceptionally clean and quiet. Unfortunately, rock and roll was never meant to be clean and quiet.

For years, many audiophiles insisted that digital recordings were thin and brittle-sounding. In truth, they're simply more accurate than what we'd been accustomed to hearing. The added detail resulted in the perception of a thin, flat sound.

So anyway (and this is where the story gets interesting), there are these really smart, creative guys at a little company called RSP Technologies. They got to thinking about this particular phenomenon and decided that the way to add warmth and body back to digital recordings was with a special processor that employed real vacuum tubes in its circuitry. So they went ahead and built one. And darned if it didn't indeed add that classic warmth to digital tracks.

They were so inspired by their discovery that they decided to make this processor available to musicians and studio owners around the world. It's called (oddly enough) The Saturator, and it combines two 12AX7 tubes with RSP's proprietary circuitry to create the classic saturation curves of hot-level analog recording, while allowing the recordist to retain all the benefits (like high signal-to-noise ratio) of the squeaky-clean digital medium.

Users of The Saturator can pinpoint the desired amount of saturation they want, from just a touch to the massive amounts typically found in the very best "needle-pinned" rock and roll.

Inserted at the board between a digital multitrack and an R-DAT mastering deck, The Saturator combats the sterility often associated with mixing to digital. When inserted on a vocal or instrument, the Saturator imparts a unique tube-derived character that's not otherwise available from any other source.

The Saturator is a dual channel, two rack space unit finished in anodized hot rod blue. The tubes and their associated circuitry are the focus of a minimal signal path constructed of only premium quality components, resulting in pure tube richness without excess noise or unwanted coloration. Large, precision analog VU meters are switchable between saturation and output. Ins and outs are via either XLR or 1/4" jacks. You can even watch the tubes "do their stuff" through front panel cooling ports.

There's a lot more you need to know about The Saturator, including its list price of $699, so we'd suggest that you give your Sweetwater sales engineer a call today for your special low price and to find out more about this great new product.