Neumann Introduces Affordable
Small-Diaphragm Condenser Mic

Neumann customers have never been shy about discussing their microphone needs. So when the manufacturer of some of the world's most revered mics asked what they wanted in a small-diaphragm condenser mic, they said they wanted the cardioid capsule from Neumann's KM84 and KM140, along with the performance of the transformerless FET 100 circuitry used in the TLM170 and KM100 Series.

Most importantly, they wanted the price of this microphone to be within their reach. And so was born the Neumann KM 184, a small diaphragm, cardioid condenser mic designed for critical recording and live sound applications and carrying a surprising list price of just $699.

The KM 184's capsule and electronics are identical to those of the KM140, but by eliminating the -10dB pad switch and making the mic cardioid only (no interchangeable capsules), Neumann was able to offer a superb microphone that provides maximum performance along with the legendary Neumann sound at a truly affordable price.

The KM 184 can handle sound pressure levels as high as 138dB before overloading, making it particularly useful for percussion, cymbals and brass instruments. It's also extremely quiet, making it excellent for capturing the subtle nuances of acoustic guitars and orchestral instruments.

Best of all, it's a Neumann and it's affordable. Give your Sweetwater sales engineer a call today at (219) 432-8176 for more information and your low price on the Neumann KM 184. This is one mic that deserves to be in every studio's mic collection.