JVC Portable DAT:
New Design for Field Recordings

The amazing new XD-P1 PRO Portable DAT Recorder from JVC was just introduced in January at the Winter NAMM Show, but already there's a huge demand for this machine - and for good reason. Take a look at the photo on the right and you'll see that the unit is compact and lightweight (a mere 12.5 ounces!), but it's also easy to operate and is solidly built. It's the perfect solution for many field recording applications such as live concerts, electronic news reporting, nature recordings, ambience and sound design work.

The JVC XD-P1 PRO is an integral package combining a premium quality DAT recorder and microphone with digital output, plus an exclusive power-saving design and low power consumption circuits. That means your battery won't die on you after just a short time in record mode - a common problem on many previous portable DAT recorders.

The digital output microphone provides two pickup patterns: "telescopic" for zooming in on a specific sound without a lot of background noise, and "stereo" for spacious imaging and exceptional left to right separation. A collapsible microphone stand is also included, allowing the mic to be set up away from the recorder for greater convenience.

The extensive use of aluminum and ultra-thin cast molding techniques make this recorder remarkably light, yet durable enough for even the most demanding field conditions. All the basic controls you need are located along one side of the unit, making them readily accessible. You can actually operate this recorder with one hand.

The XD-P1 has the ability to record at all three standard sampling frequencies, which means you can choose the one that best suits the occasion: 32kHz for reporting or long recording sessions; 44.1kHz for CD mastering; and 48kHz, the choice for the highest possible audio fidelity. JVC has used its patented "AA" A/D converter to ensure the best possible sound quality at any sampling frequency.

Of course, since the XD-P1 PRO was designed specifically for professional use, it operates without the restrictions of SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) which permits only one generation of digital-to-digital copying. With the XD-P1, you can digitally dub or copy a recording as many times as necessary in the editing process.

For those of you who need specs, the JVC XD-P1 delivers a superb frequency response of 10Hz to 22kHz plus/minus just 0.5dB at the 48kHz sampling frequency with 90dB signal-to-noise ratio and a microscopic 0.008% total harmonic distortion. Wow and flutter are, as you would expect for a machine like this, below any measurable limits.

An optional long-hour rechargeable battery delivers up to 6 hours of play/record in the field, making frustrating inadequate power supply problems a thing of the past. Our suggestion: use the long-hour battery as your primary power source and the standard rechargeable as your emergency back-up.

Now, usually about this time you're asking the inevitable question: what the heck does this thing cost? How about $1849 list for the whole package including digital microphone, remote control, windscreen, cables, adapter/charger, and battery. The optional long-hour rechargeable battery lists for an additional $269, but is a virtual necessity for field recordings where the nearest AC outlet could be hundreds of miles away.

Of course, by now you know that Sweetwater would never allow you to pay list price for any of the great products we offer, so call us at (219) 432-8176 and ask your sales engineer for more information and your special low price on the XD-P1 PRO from JVC.

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