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Marshall Amplification - Vintage Voltage

Marshall Amps   Now that Sweetwater is stocking a wide range of the best guitars in the world, it only makes sense to have some great guitar amps to go along with them. And in the amp world, few names command as much respect as Marshall.

   It's easy to picture some of rock's biggest stars on stage, backed by a solid wall of Marshalls: The Who, Cream, Hendrix, Allman Brothers, to name a few. The good news is you don't have to be a rock legend any more to own one! Prices for Marshall amps begin at a modest $199, but if you have the budget (and a huge venue you need to fill with sound), the sky's the limit.

   Let's start with two reissues of their most popular valve amps. The 1959SLP 100 Watt Super Lead Plexiglas head ($1499 list) has been in production since the late 1960s. Many tone gurus regard as them as the finest examples of Marshall engineering. So the company went out and found two killer examples — amps that are packed with tone for days and a rich velvet-like overdrive to die for. These heads were turned over to the current R&D experts and they came back with a reissue that was so good, nobody could tell the difference.

   Though the 50 watt 1987X ($1149 list) shares the same front and real panel features of its big brother, the 1959SLP, it does have its own distinct personality. Sweet, warm singing tones are packed into every nook and cranny, and the 1987X Marshall Ampsalso has fittings and hardware as true to the originals as humanly possible for an authentic Marshall "vintage" look and sound. If you need a vintage-style speaker cabinet, you can choose from the 1960AX (angled front — $1149 list) or 1960BX (straight front — $1149 list) 4x12 classic cabinets, both of which house faithful reissue Celestion "Greenback" classic 25-watt speakers and vintage-style vinyl covering with "old look" checked grille cloth. One look and your audience will know exactly where you're coming from.

   For those of you who don't need to play at ear-shattering levels, may we suggest the 60-watt, dual-channel JCM600-Series Valve amps, which include the JCM600 head ($1049 list), the JCM601 Combo (with one 12" Celestion Heritage speaker — $1149 list) and the JCM602 combo (with two 12" Celestions — $1249 list). All three amps sport a specially wound heavy duty transformer that ensures each amp can scream, even at modest listening levels. Great for small clubs and in the studio. The JCM600 head can be played through any Marshall cabinet up to the full size Marshall 4x12.

   When you need a cabinet that can take a real sonic beating and come back for more, Marshall offers the 1960A angled cabinet ($939 list) and 1960B straight base cabinet ($939 list), both equipped with 4x12 Celestions and a 300 watt power handling capacity. Designed in cooperation with Pete Townshend of The Who (he knows about LOUD!), you can bet these cabinets will deliver sound that can fill most any size venue.

   Here's an amp that combines Marshall looks and sound with modern technology. You might think it couldn't be done, but it has. Enter the VS100R Valvestate Combo ($789 list) and V100H amp head ($739 list). These are the first amps ever in their respective price ranges to offer three footswitchable channels and a tube-driven preamp to ensure a heaping dose of Marshall valve tones in all modes, giving you everything from clear to classic crunch (including that vital scooped midrange sound if you need it). But this amp runs through a Marshall-designed power amp that can deliver valve tones without the need for expensive tubes. Impossible? Just crank one up and listen.

   Here at Sweetwater we have these great Marshall amps and many others in stock, and your Sweetwater Sales Engineer can tell you all about them with a simple phone call — as well as giving you your special low Sweetwater pricing on a Marshall amp of your own.

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