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Soundware SceneBy Daniel Fisher, Director of Soundware Engineering

   Once again it's Summer NAMM time and, as always, we'll be bringing back lots of reports about the latest and greatest equipment and software (which you'll see next issue). Sweetwater Electron BombAs you'd expect, Sweetwater's Soundware Development Facility also has some new products to reveal at the show.

   In the last issue of Sweet Notes, we announced the release of our Young Chang "Mini" CD-ROM for the K2000/K2500, which features our best 16 meg and 13 meg Stereo Virtual Grand Pianos. It even includes an 8 meg Mono Virtual Piano for your mono PA gigs, all for the outstanding (and very "Mini") price of only $99. Get your copy today and start playing piano for real.

   But as exciting as our Young Chang CD-ROM is, the real excitement will come from the Electron Bomb we're bringing to NAMM. No, we're not going to terrorize the NAMM Show, although that might make an interesting movie plot — sort of like "Spinal Tap" meets "Die Hard 3!" It's Sweetwater's latest "Mini" CD-ROM for the K2000/K2500 which was designed especially for the Techno/Dance/Rave/Industrial/Ambient crowd.

   The Electron Bomb "Mini" CD-ROM ($99) features VAST programming from many of the top Kurzweil programmers including Andrew Schlesinger, Gary Phillips, Brian Cowell, and Bruce Duncan (Don't forget Daniel Fisher -ed.). Inside you'll find the highly-rated 100 Synthetica Volume 1 programs (regularly $39) as well as the latest Synthetica Volume 2 for Contemporary ROM (also $39). You can "rave-on" with the 100 DEEPRAVED Programs ($39) and push the limit with our 100 Techno/Ambient programs (again $39). As if that weren't enough to fill your tracks, we've also included many hundreds of Bonus Industrial/Techno Programs as well as Demo files of our entire Sweetwater Library. All this (and believe it or not, even more) for only $99! Get your hands on the Electron Bomb today and welcome your Kurzweil into the 21st Century.

   Well it's a short column this time since we're preparing for NAMM, but I'll be back next issue with lots of interesting news.

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