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KRK's V8
Active Studio Monitors

   In 1986, Keith Klawitter formed the company we now know as KRK Systems. Over a decade (and many success stories) later, KRK is recognized almost universally as a major force in the studio world. And the new KRK V8 powered studio KRK V8 Studio Monitorsmonitor ($1249 list/pair) is the absolute culmination of a 12-year commitment to sophisticated engineering, combined with exhaustive listening tests.

   The V8 is the first in a new series of ultra high performance, active near field monitors, and its unique design sets a lofty new standard of performance in its price range. Other manufacturers typically use only one amplifier with a standard passive crossover in speakers at this price point. The V8 uses separate power amps for the high and low frequencies, with a true electronic crossover. This means you get the benefits of an active — not just powered — monitor. What's more, the amp's power (130 watts for the lows, 70 watts for the highs) and frequency response (47Hz to 23kHz plus/minus 2dB) is specifically tailored to each speaker element and each driver is protected by its own specific circuitry.

   Phase coherence is a term much used in the audio world. The V8's electronic crossover ensures that there is much less phase error and is also used to flatten the speaker's EQ, which improves the total system linearity and phase response. When using the V8, the speaker physically disappears, and the sound stage comes together right in front of the listener. This spacial imaging not only works in stereo, but also for critical surround sound applications. The V8's 8-inch Kevlar woofer is much stronger than paper and allows for faster transient response, and it doesn't have the audio band resonance problems of other traditional speakers. This special woofer, combined with KRK's active electronics, gives the V8 a low frequency linearity that's unmatched by other speakers of this size and price.

   As you'd expect from such well-designed monitors, this 38 pound (each) speaker comes standard with full video shielding, making it perfect for broadcast and video post production facilities, as well as with DAWs like Pro Tools. So stick these babies right next to your monitor — no problem.

   Need more information? Want to own a pair of V8s or outfit an entire surround system? Just call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for full details and your special low pricing.

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